Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DG Smart Plan and my Android Phone

Unfortunately, if you are not Tom, Dick and Harry, probably everyone will…

*SIGH* Let me recommend the best remedy for you...

NOW, my wishlist number one (#1)

Bah....so why HTC Sensation XE?

Reason number one - it is powered by Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) but has a planned upgrade into version 4 soon. Reason number two - it is armed with an ultra-sound-booming Audio Beats that will guarantee to enhance your music listening experience. Yes, I am music lover, no one can doubt that. Reason number three - it is more 'multitask-friendly' since it is supported with a blazing rapid 1.5 GHz dual core processor that allows it to think faster. Do I need the reason number four? I guess I have it enough there. Interested to know more about Sensation XE, check this link!

Mwahahahaha....Meow *cough cough* 

NOW, my wishlist number two (#2)

If you I already have that HTC Sensation XE, you'd I'd be betting correctly that the smartphone will become even more smarter with DG Smart Plan. Why?

Because smart plus smart equals to SMARTESES

Bah....the real reasons why my-your-his-her-our ANDROID device is smart(er) with DG Smart Plan are...

... more complicated than a bunch of superheroes assembling themselves in a middle of World War Mobile 2012. Yes, it's true.

FINALLY, my wishlist number three (#3)

Now in case you still don't get the intention of making this post, you should knock yourself and go to this Nuffnang page and read. How can you miss this great opportunity to join the FANDROID DAY coming this 3 March 2012. Let's kick the year (yeah, 2 months already passed TROLOLOL) with immersing yourself with the latest information about DiGi's 'Tomorrow Network' and Android's proudest Ice Cream Sandwich OS.


DiGi always the smarter choice....always....