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Producers: JJ Abram, Bryan Burk
Director: Matt Reeves
Writer: Drew Goddard
Release Date in Malaysia: 17 January 2008
Genre: Video Action-Adventure, Thriller Drama
Distributor: Paramount Pictures
Rating Malaysia: U
Cast: Michael Stahl-David (Rob), T.J. Miller (Hud), Jessica Lucas (Lily), Odette Yustman (Beth), Lizzy Caplan (Marlena), Mike Vogel (Jason)
Summary Plot: The film follows five young New Yorkers who throw their friend a going-away party the night a giant creature attacks the city.

Conspiracy/ Trivia

1. Rob apparently appointed the Vice-President for suspectedly the Slusho! Company, based in Japan. His brother Jason is wearing the Slusho T-Shirt in the movie. Oh really, I didn't notice that???

2. The monster in the movie is revealed slowly and gradually in the movie; beginning with the roar, the back, the limbs, the mouth and then the whole thing. Cool revelations

3. In the last scene where the video taken at Coney Island, there is apparently something splashes on the sea on the right side of the screen. Apparently, the suspected things may eventually fall from the sky; an asteroid, a satellite or maybe it's the monster eggs. Where? I don't quite get it

4. The suspected satellite belongs to the Slusho! company and the parent company that dealt in digging business. The crashed satellite is believed to have awaken the monster that have been in the Atlantic Ocean trench all these while. Awesome!! really??

5. The movie only lasted about 75 minutes before the credits rolling!! Apparently, the movie does not have any heavy and complicating plot, no other music found except the only score called "Roar!" and songs featured in the Rob's Party!! I don't have to got to pee in cinema

6. The very end of the credit reveals a weird sounds of the audio recording, it says "Help Us!!". When it played in reversed, it says, "It's Still Alive". Yeah!! Check Youtube lah, sure got!!

7. Cloverfield has nothing to do with the monster or the New York city itself. The name derived from a street name in California and been adapted as the code name for the monster and its attack-event. Haha, government agenda

8. There might be another movie about Cloverfield. At the Brooklyn Bridge when Hud is recording the scene, it is also not-so-obvious that there are other people who are recording it. It might be another point-of-view movie. Yahoooo!!!!

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