Monday, May 05, 2008

Just Come Out From A Cinema Hall

Haha...what a day!! Today is Monday, 5th of May 2008. It is a double five day. I'm still glad even though I late for like several days from the other peoples who have queued up since last week to buy those movie tickets worth some RM12 over the weekend.

May the force be with you!! May I rock you on your seat!!

I just came out from a cinema hall. TGV Cheras Selatan. Don't ask me how I end up there. It is not what I want. It is just that it is the only cinema nearest I can get. So I queued up at around 12.00pm to get a "Student-price" ticket of RM7 in which I got. Yahoo!!! Iron Man. The movie where the trailer looks so simple yet gorgeous. But while the movie became successfully hypped in the US, somewhere halfway the world, without much realizing that it has generate century million dollar opening there. That is like the 10th best opening for a movie. That will translated into around 100 million dollar divided by 7 dollar. It should be around...hmmm....14 million plus of people watching it over the weekend opening in US.

Fixing time!! Let's make it work!!
While it was released back on Wednesday, i have uneasiness over the movie. Thanks to certain people who told me that the movie looks stupid, it is going to be like another Ghost Rider or so. Seriously, at first, I have doubt whether this movie will deliver up to my hopes and expectations. Comic Marvel turn movies seldom make a great impact as everyone hope. Just when I think about Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, or even Dare Devils are enough for me to think of how much I puke over them. Luckily, there is something in the past called Spider Man. They called it the next Spiderman hype. I hope it will happen. But Iron Man is another robot hero just like Transformers. I love Transformers!!

I'm the next Spidy just like people says!!

Generated by a very positive reviews from the net, it finally convinced to embrace myself to go and watch. OK, here is the ticket and I need a loo first. Get into my seat, have a sit, enjoy some great movie trailers and movie started. Rolling!!
Wow!! Awesome!!

I can fly and I can lift this car!! Cool!!

After two hours, I came out with a relief. Just like the critic says, it is damn good!! Rotten Tomatoes also gave it 94% score. What an achievement!!

The story about a rich guy like Bruce Wayne ala-carte style, it is like Batman Begins except for a happy-going-on life of Mr. Tony Stark. He is a weapon da Vinci in the modern day, get ambushed in Afghanistan, threated to build a weapon for enemy, turn out to be treasoned by someone from his company, final fight against the person behind the everything. Cool!! And it rocks as well!! Good performance from all the casts really. Good job!! Go to for the movie review - 4.0 stars!!

I am looking forward for a second one,a sequel!! i heard it will feature a villain called Mandarin. Maybe in few years time, we will get our seats and thought anticipated for the next one!!


acura said...

Lots of UKM students went for movies there hehe
I am going to watch it today. I also heard lots of positive reviews bout it even though i dun like it initially from the trailer

BernardC said...

Yeah, but i went day because of my sis house is near there. IronMan is a must watch.

.:JoY:. said...

You went to the Jusco Cheras Selatan's TGV??

OMGGGGGGGGG. That's the same place I watched the movie! Hahahahhaaha

BernardC said...

To Joy: Yeah, I went there but it's not that cinema which I always went to

pris said... space 4 my comment ere ar? ;)

anyways...this was a great n AWESOME movie... well...maybe coz i didnt expect that much frm it...but it turned out GOOD...

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