Sunday, May 11, 2008

Speed Racer.....From Matrix to Car-racing

Iron Man is the first blockbuster hit of the most anticipated U.S. Summer Movie Season. In Malaysia , it is translated into a period of between May and August. In US, Summer is a great part of the year where movie studios put and pump so much money into the account to make big movies. Last week, the first week of May saw peoples cashing in for Iron Man.

US First Weekend: US$ 102.118million
Malaysia First Weekend: US$ 1,696,412 (RM 5,375,760)

Now on the second week in the month of May, another cashing in hopeful is Speed Racer. I remember the time when I watched the cartoons in TV. Popular back in the 1960s, Speed Racer was a story about Speed Racer (yeah, it's peoples' name) on his journey to become a successful racer in a futuristic world dominated by filfthy and wealthy people trying to fix and dominate the racing sport. Okay, I have to confess that it is basically the same plot again. But I remember that the cartoon version is so popular back then, it also tell the story of his hardship and hardwork to become a good racer, following the footstep of his brother. It was in Japanese and then they "Englishnize" the voice.

Come on, dude!! Let's race!!

Last Thursday, yeah on its opening day. I was queuing to buy the movie ticket at Berjaya Times Square. Not many people watching it and that doesn't give me much surprise. Reviews online were so bad that I even have to think twice about it. But maybe curiosity does kill the cat. I end up watching it.

Speeding at Mach 5. Please don't do it on the road!!

And, two hours later and it is that long, I came out from the cinema halls, feeling misfire and disappointed. Speed racer was not those movie going to bulk in cash like summer movies. Too bad, Speed Racer lacks of something that will make it a blockbuster. Too matrix-stylish cartoon thingy going around and the first 15 minutes of the movies makes me sick like the ala carte from Cloverfield. So dizzy-ing and nauseating. Maybe because I just had my Big Mac. But I have to say that the first half of the movie was bored. The middle part was starting to pick up momentum. The finale was sort of expected.

My name is Trixie. Don't I look original?? OOoppsss!!

Don't fight la you this Asian dude!! Oh I'll numb numb you!!
Well, I just can help of mentioning that Rain is in this movie. He looks so-so in the movie. God, I can say that he looks feminism in this movie. Don't know why!!
As a conclusion in a nutshell, I need to reconsider my praise for the Walcholwski-wat-so-ever Brothers. Do more Matrix may be better than speeding on a road that not so many enjoying moments.


acura said...

I just watch Speed Racer & had such high expectations bcz of the directors. Oh boy...what a disappointment!

The whole movie is so cartoonish, it's weird seeing real actors with obviously fake CGI backgrounds.

And Rain only make it worse. Go back and make Korean weepy drama!!

BernardC said...

Haha, it's weird but we do see a lot of such technique where the background are so obviously fake. Let's take first Narnia for instance, oso got wah, but with second one, they do improve alot and not so obvious.

That's why i only give 2.5 out of 5. The worst thing was I almost fall asleep on the first hour.

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