Monday, June 09, 2008

Hamilton!! What's Wrong With You??

Last night a tragedy happened. It happened from just a mistake by a fella called Lewis Hamilton. Yesterday, the F1 Canadian GP was held to mark the round 7 of the year Championship Grand Prix. The Championship was led by Lewis Hamilton, a youngster from McLaren who had been on the spotlight since last year for the contender of World Champion. Next on the point table was Kimi Raikkonen, my favourite driver fro Ferrari.

I know people never bother about F1 so much but I did. So, when everyone was busy watching Euro 2008 match of Austria and Croatia, I was watching F1 live from Montreal. So it happened, an accident causing a safety car period. So after one lap under safety car, a few drivers opt to make pit stop to hopefully filled their tank till the end of the race. Here the drama goes.

Okay, you may been wondering what the hell, the front two cars suddenly stopped on the white line? They actually forbidden and not allowed to enter the track because the traffic light was on "red" which means STOP!! Then, came Lewis Hamilton rammed into one of the cars. Instead of ramming on the car on right, he chose to slam the car into the rear of Raikkonen. I was totally shocked with this bizzare and yet blunder from Hamilton. Few seconds later, I was hoping Raikkonen can still go on and let Hamilton out of the way. My hope dashed, I was in furious because of him, Hamilton not only screwed up himself (which is good), but also screwing up the chances of Raikkonen. Before the safety car period and before entering the race track, Raikkonen was faster and ahead of Hamilton. WTF!!!!

Because of that incident, McLaren's Lewis Hamilton and Williams' Nico Rosberg will drop 10 places on the grid at the next round of the championship in France as penalty for their pit-lane incident in Canada. Deserved Hamilton right!!! Now he also lost his lead on the drivers' championship!!!

Commenting on the incident, Hamilton said: "As I exited the box, I saw two cars jostling for position ahead of me in the pit lane. Obviously, I didn't want to get involved in their tussle, and was trying not to do so, and then all of a sudden they stopped. And by the time they'd come to a halt, it was too late for me to avoid them. It's just unfortunate when stuff like this happens, but I have no argument with the stewards.”
"There's not much I can say," was Raikkonen's reaction. "My race was ruined by Hamilton's mistake. Obviously, anyone can make mistakes, as I did two weeks ago in Monaco, but it's one thing to make a mistake at two hundred (miles) per hour but another to hit a car stopped at a red light. I am not angry because that doesn't achieve anything and does not change my result! I am unhappy, because I had a great chance of winning."



acura said...

I think the FIA should penalise Hamilton. It's not intentional but still it affected the outcome of the race. Points deduction will be fair

BernardC said...

Well, FIA decided to penalise him by depromote him 10 places of starting grip in French GP!! Not enough!!!

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