Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friendster Blog Rejuvenate?

It looks like I stop posting anything on the Friendster's blog; like since a year ago, itsn’t it? Well, after a hiatus of a year…exactly since 30 October 2007, today same date but a year later, this friendster blog is rejuvenating!! New post, new look and new functions!! Oh, nope, the friendster thingy, it’s not my official site!! But it’s a ping site!! Ping (click) there and it will lead to my main blog…. Yes the one so called that you are reading right now.

Do enjoy!!

Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification


renaye said...

i think i set a blog on friendster but i don't really find it user-friendly so i abandoned it.

my posts r getting shorter and shorter is not because i have no ideas but too many things to post but don't know where to start.

Mr. Fundus & Mr. Sphyncter said...

I think we should move on to Facebook now, I gettin' more n more frustrated with friendster...

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