Saturday, October 18, 2008

Quattro is launched!!

Having received an invite in the Facebook regarding this event few weeks back. You know, I never had any experience of clubbing in KL excpet the one I had few years back in Zouk. It was fun and bored at the same time. Do not try any attempt to dig up that story since that night in Zouk was totally forgettable. Got this invite by J, so I decided to give it a try why not?

So the invitation said that a new club will be launched in Avenue K, opposite of KLCC on October 17, which is last night. At last checked, more than 600 i guess had confirmed to attend the event. So J and me get ourselves there with a RapidKL bus. Okay, maybe going to a club with a bus sounds weird but this is a way to cut out cost!! Considered too that the venue is about 5 to 10 minutes away drive from my hostel and we have no cars. Upon arrival, we were still wonder where the hell was that place. OMG, I have to say that place was FULL-PACKED; even when looked from outside, you know that there are so many human inside!! We arrived quite late, some where around 10pm, and the queue was kind of long!! After a while, we met J's buddies from the internet forum.....(to be continue).....

So Here's Some Simple Review on QUATTRO!!

1. Based on the name "Quattro" which means four err-something, you will likely knew that the club will have four sections. Which in this case refering to four seasons used to name each section. Summer referred to a fancy restaurant that serves drinks only - no food served yet. 

2. Autumn is a R&B disco dance floor which in my opinion was too small to feed thousands of stomping legs. The music feel was good but not as electrifying enough as the one people like about in Zouk or Ruums. With little space, one can simply only 'vibrating' and the dance floor was not the best rocking dance floor. 

3. Spring is the lounge section of rock and roll and jazz music. No Jazz music was heard last night but well, in some other times maybe... However, this is quite a good place to hang out and chill out...possibly choose the corner area if can. Since Autumn was too full, we have to dance here, that hurts, and do you really think you can dance at rock and roll lounge?

4. Winter, is the other place to be and I would said it was the best section in Quattro. As expected, the section was very cold, claimed to be at 1o degree celcius temperature. Here they served your ear with dance electro music...still my friend said it's very 'gay'. The centre of attraction is in fact an ice-box room that was sub-zero, with iced carved chairs to sit on. They seems to limit the number of people in this section, thus I think that there were some space for us to move around.

5. There is an issue here, why were there so many Cina AhPek inside Quattro? You know when they get drunk, they will be way crazy than usual and sometimes annoying!!

6. Another issue, washrooms were not in the club, it is in the shopping mall - Avenue K. The other stuff you may get confused with was the uni-sex toilet!! No, it was not really a uni-sex one, merely some people did not aware that they put the signboard in a wrong way. 

7. One of the most irritating issue, why would you build a raining pathway for? It was a normal pathway to walk through but when it came to the exact hour, the pathway will rain for like 5 minutes. You tought you can enjoy the rain don't you? Nope...the bouncers were there to stop you, so eventually, the pathway cannot be used for the 5 minutes period. 

8. It's a smoking be bear with the smoking cigarrette vapour!!!

....anyway, we popped a drink for ourselves...ten of us simply enjoying a open bottle session of...I don't know what's the name...but it was simply a mixture of Vodka, water, Sprite and orange juice...that thing costs like RM368. I thought the sub-cost was only around RM80!! Well, so sad that I don't have a high megapixels camera, it went all

Well, it was a fun night..thought we don't really enjoyed the dancing atmosphere, we simply loved the crazy sarcastic chatting session thought. No one got drunk and everybody saved back to home. Err..the only thing was that, J and me went to 24-hours McD and hung out till 7am in the morning...another sleepless night.


magma3637 said...

yo. been here thru youthsays.

thought of getting some info about green tea. hehe.

J-Teoh said...

Eh. You? Sleepless? I tell you I woke at 10am, left KTSN and just got back. And yeah, I found my specs. :P

renaye said...

oooh. it's already open eh? no plans of going there coz i got a bottle of baileys in my cupboard.

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