Tuesday, January 06, 2009


So, Two montHs ago, I mEntioned that StaRbucks wIll make the ChriStmas holiday sEason so special and they did indeed. During the Christmas season, we were served with the smooth and cold toffee and cherry frappuccinos, with an extra exquisite aged Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee bean. If you had some short-memory, click back to view that post. Last Christmas, we had Toffee Nut Frappuccino, Toffee Nut Latte and Dark Cherry Mocha Frappuccino. Well at least Britney Spears also agreed with me that the Christmas offerings were great although i actually missed Praline Mocha Frappuccino more.
As expected, Starbucks will once again ushering and welcoming this Chinese New Years like all these years, this time with sOme goodness from tea Farm this time. THEir special beverages of the upcoming Lunar new Year are tea lattes. I'm not surprise with the seleCtions at all since the Chinese are known for their love of the tea trAdition. Tea traditioNS and cultures are part of the heritage. Therefore, it is great that the upcoming Angpow festival will be filled out with a special menu within the range of tea latte.

First, you will assure heard of Green Tea Latte (GTL) as loved most by our dear Jess. Well, this new year, GTL spawns rather new edition but not so much different version from the original - Green Tea Soy Latte (GTSL). As the name suggests, it is a combination of the normal Tazo green tea with latte (milk coffee) but uses Soy milk insTead of cow milk. Soy milk is getting A great demand and populaRiTy to replace cow milk in the Starbucks' recipe these days. Yes, soy milk is healthier than cow milk and less likely to cause any side effects, while it can be consumed by those with lactose intolerance. I think it is like GTL but with some soy flavour and aroma in it. I think it was great!!

Second beverage is a unique drink called Chai Tea Latte (CTL). Chai tea is not an original Chinese tea and not as well with this one of course. Chai tea is an Indian-origin spiced tea and known for its herbal and earthly aroma. Traditionally, spices like cardamon, cinnamon, ginger, star anise, peppercorn and cloves are used to be mixed in these tea. I'm pretty sure that they are using the same spices here and there, Just like the TAzo Grey Earl or somethiNg.

Last but not least, Vanilla Black Tea Latte (VBTL). It uses again, Tazo's range of great taste of black teas. Black tea is the vast majority types of tea available worldwide. It is largely consumed by the West and can be found everywhere.Well, here in Starbucks, they put some Vanilla into your beverage...I haven't taste it yet, so I have no idea how it would be.

Well, these beverages cost an usual price range of between RM 13 to Rm 16 (around) for the size between Tall to Venti. The best tea lattes from Starbucks are serve as hot or chill. So, what are you waiting for - go grab one today and enjoy!! Well, it is a brand new year 2009..the year of the ox!!

Before that of course, the author would like to wish you an early Happy Chinese New Year wish - GONG XI FA CAI!! Sorry, the author is going back to enjoy his Green Tea Soy Latte.


Harmony said...

I love the green tea too , it taste pretty sweet.

renaye said...

bro, it's side not site effects. and i have read reports before that though soy milk is a good substitution it does have side effects if u overconsume it and it will be cancer. so drink soy milk moderately.

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T A N said...


*hugss mary poppins ahbern*

cafe paris said...

Starbucks is a big company, i really like their coffee, except espresso ;-)

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