Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lack Of Updates...Sorry

These days, the author of Green Tea World!! is busy with his hectic works. There is an upcoming colloquium which will happen in next days where the author will be busy with his assignment and group presentation. The author also will temporarily halt any upcoming movie reviews until at least this Thursday or Friday, which usually been published on Green Tea Movie!!

Anyone misses me?

By the way thanks for all the 14 comments so far that I have received revolving and pertaining to the Gaza issues. More commentaries based on your reviews will be up soon!! Please forgive the author for his fatigueness to continue to type anything now!!


Harmony said...

Ah i'll wait for the longer post to come again then

renaye said...

poor thing. just eat and sleep well. i thought of asking u to join the scrabble competition where i'm now qualified to enter. next time la.

Muhd Naim said...

Hahaha. lol. miss you? ahaks. who miss dr gigi wan..hahaha. kidding kidding. dun take it seriously.

acura said...

Sounds very hectic. Will be looking forward for more insightful posts. Take care

Anonymous said...

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