Thursday, March 12, 2009


It was once that you dreams that you will have a cup of refreshing, bold but decaf coffee to lighten up your days. Well now you can, Starbucks in all outlets across the Klang Valley have been serving you breakfast. I think it started since last month but since then, only it was last week I have the chance to taste myself and to blog about it. Its been long since I enjoyed something from here.

Anyway, let me introduce you to their latest offering. As I mentioned earlier, they are serving breakfast now. Now, with My Starbucks Breakfast, enjoy a cup of the signature handmade beverages with an ala burger breakfast. How this is done? Simple. Get yourself to any Starbucks outlets before 2 pm daily in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

Now, you can enjoy your favourite breakfast sandwich at a cheaper price. Normal price for the sandwich is around RM 4.80 each. With any purchase of tall or above-sized beverage, you can get the sandwich at 2/3 of the original price; RM 3.20.

For the choices of sandwich, her eyou have three options; Sunny Egg Sandwich in a wholemeal bread, Mixed Chicken Omelette Sandwich in chill bread or Sausage Omelette Sandwich in Ciabatta bread.
Well, this is mine. A cup of Caramel Macchiato and Mixed Chicken Omelette Sandwich.



Autumn Babe said...

hey bernard,

please do me a favour.

go to the above link and look for my name "autumn". please vote for me. i accidentally posted twice. so, just vote for the latest entry which means the first one rather than the second one.

if you happen to know other youthsays members, please get their votes for me as well


Spectre said...

woot that more cheaper than normal one should give it a try during the weekned XD

Spectre said...

hmm should give a try this weekend

annant said...

wah u very kaya hor...
have breakfast at starbucks..
im a poor student :(

Johnny Ong said...

yeah the sandwich is rm3.20 but havent include the drink la ...... not that rich to enjoy such luxuries in life but will do so if can hehe

sirei said...

i don't fancy starbucks, but dome will do! :)

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