Tuesday, October 05, 2010


INTRODUCTION The pilot of one of the most awaited new TV series in CBS has arrived. Hawaii Five-O, re-imagines the hit TV series that spanned 12 seasons back in 1968-1980 and developed a popular cult following. What's so different with this brand new Hawaii Five-O? Not much. Fans will have something to love about the old one while may also share some love towards this new version as well. Hawaii Five-O in my opinion, is one of the best pilot episode for this year's new US television series. Not even The Event nor Undercovers could save their best to fight against this cop series. In the first episode (S01E01) - Pilot, director Len Wiseman who single-handly put some high octane action rush in Bruce Willis' Live Hard or Die Harder (Die Hard 4), placed the same formula again with decent script by the exec-producer duo of Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Read on for the review of the pilot episode.

PLOT In the pilot, Navy SEAL Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) returns to his native Hawaii to investigate the murder of his father, John McGarrett, who was an officer in the Honolulu Police Department. He is enlisted by the Governor of Hawaii, a friend of his father's, to head a new task force with legal immunity to clean up the underworld of Oahu. In turn, McGarrett enlists Honolulu newcomer Danny Williams (Scott Caan), a divorced detective who moved from New Jersey to be closer to his daughter; Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim), a disgraced police officer and a protege of McGarrett's father who was wrongly accused of corruption; and Kona Kalakaua (Grace Park), Chin Ho's cousin, a former surfer and soon-to-be Police Academy graduate. Together they discover a link between the man who killed McGarrett's father and a Chinese human trafficking ring with a mole in HPD.

REVIEW The new version of Hawaii Five-O opens with smart, slicky, sharp and highly action-pack that you could not miss. Intriguing plot and dialogue, although not estranging some awkwardness, the pilot is simply a testimonial for what to expect in the later of this season. Cops drama begins to look fun again for me after so much 'failure to launch' cops drama, save The Mentalist. But well done CBS!
For this episode - my rating is 4.0

The pilot opens with 14.1 million viewers and averaging 13.82 million viewership on Monday 9/10.