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TRON: Legacy poster
Yes, the most anticipated movie of the year-end holiday season will be making its to the local cinemas and taking the world with storm this weekend. TRON: Legacy, a sci-fi tribunal homage that honors the existence of the computer game world will a litmus test for the fans acceptance and reimagining a new frontier in the sci-fi movies. Back in the year 1982, TRON was first released into that year that was filled with more contemporary sci-fi features. TRON has to battle against the likes of E.T.: The Extra-terrestrial, Star Trek 2 and The Thing.

Disc War
There are hopes and faiths that this will be another Avatar, although I bid to differ. Avatar plays out to a different generic demographic when compared to TRON Legacy. Nevertheless, there are already speculations on how this movie will end up - good or devastated. The conversations are already been fully engaged among the insiders and industry players in Hollywood. There are some positive early reviews, and likewise also some negative one too.

We will only know the answer whether TRON: Legacy is going to be good or bad this Thursday. I will make my way to the premier screening of TRON: Legacy tomorrow at Sunway Pyramid. So, do check out the sister blog, GREEN TEA MOVIE for reviews to pop up this Thursday. My pals in Singapore has already watched it and so far, it went well with the audience I would say. The current update on Rotten Tomatoes has TRON" Legacy gaged at 65%.

Soundtrack cover

In this post, we will look at the soundtrack of the movie. The soundtrack is purely (although there are all been conducted as an orchestra lead by Joseph Trapanese) electronic disco genre, scored by the popular French electronic music maestro Daft Punk. Electronic music is not my bread-and-butter, but after listening to the 58 minutes soundtrack, I have to say that the music of such grand scale is something different at least to me. It is both engaging and appreciatory. This is Daft Punk's first attempt in the soundtrack and I hope it is not their last.

Let's race the cycle-tron
While I have never enjoyed electronic music so much, I always thought that the duo gave something unusual. Their musics tell you a story, an art that intriguing the heart and the soundtrack serves no differences at all. The soundtrack isn't a groundbreaking addition, but it companies the mood and tone of the movie very well.

Not all the songs are fused with heavy electronic music. The listing starts with 'Overture' - a starting gear one in shift for listening pleasure. 'The Grid' introduces the world we will stuck in the movie, with voiced over by Jeff Bridges himself. Tunes like 'Nocturne', 'Aldagio For Tron', and 'Arrival' are pretty down to core a basic score that has almost no infusion of electro senses. Some familiar tracks like 'Recognizer', 'The Game Has Changed' and 'End Of Line' are the handful very electro-mood.

Walk with cofnfidence
'Derezzed', the lead single from the soundtrack album is a pure 'ear-orgasm' track that heavily beats up the ear-drum. 'Fall' feels extravaganza, bedazzling and perhaps sounds familiar because you have heard it from the trailer before. 'Flynn Lives' is soothing and perhaps tells you how to movie will end - yeah, the Flynn lives. How about the ending 'Tron Legacy (End Titles)' to give you an extra boost of pumping your eardrums?

What you should do is to survive
For a mesmerizing album like TRON: Legacy soundtrack, it deserves a 7/10 rating.....

Watch the official video of the first single 'Derezzed' by Daft Punk with Olivia Wilde featuring. So long, folks and make sure you catch the first 'professional' review soon at GREEN TEA MOVIE.

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