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The fourth single from the album This Is War has caused a little bit of provocation and unsettling; mainly because of the controversial music video. MTV said it is enough and the video has been slapped with restriction and banned. Surprising enough, the video may have well been considered for post-10PM restriction but that did not materialize because of one particular erotic scene.

30 Seconds To Mars is the American indie rock band headlined by actor-singer Jared Leto. The band has some sweet success in the past including the global warming themed smash hit, A Beautiful Lie as well as Kings and Queens the first single from the current album has been given an enormous well-reception. MTV has made a verdict on the video citing that the dark nature, sophisticated graphical violent, bondage and sadistic erotic theme the MV carried are too much for the music channel to broadcast.

Jared Leto blogged about the decision and clearly he is not happy. He made his outburst clear and he detailed out the reason why this video got band. First why not watch the 13 minutes long music video, a sort of a short film I will say. Due to the danger that the video might get removed from YouTube, I have decided to download and upload again (don't sue my ass please). The video is available after the jump.


This video is quite heavy and probably you may get pretty much uncomprehending in the end. The opening cards tell you that this video is not about reality - merely a nightmare where the three members (Jared, his brother Shannon and Tomo) adventure in meeting some weird, kinky, wild and dangerous night human dressed in bondage outfits. There are three chapters and the title does not give away the contents. So I say, despite the NSFW and viewer's discretion warning, this high concept music video is worth to watch.

 Here's the detailed description that got the video banned, according to the band's front man himself. These excepts were taken from the Leto's blog. The list below is incomplete and probably you can read the complete list from Leto's blog or from Perez Hilton's.

04:10 – singer puts leather eye mask on girl and pulls head back in an erotic gesture – POST 9PM restriction.
04:15 – fight between gimp man and bystander – kick to leg / punch to head -not graphic -POST 7PM restriction.
05:01 – bondage ball gag is put over girl’s mouth – POST 10PM restriction
05:18 – cyclist stabs man with stanley knife – POST 7PM restriction
06:16 – shot of domestic knife – POST 7pm restriction
06:20 – couple in bondage gear and handcuffs – POST 10PM restriction
06:23 – girl with gag being partially suffocated by singer POST 10PM restriction
06:40 – gimp man hits singer with sledge hammer - not graphic - POST 7PM restriction
07:14 – bondage girls with nipple tassles -POST 9PM restriction
09:15 – dripping hot wax over body – POST 10PM restriction
09:17 – woman’s finger running over other woman’s bottom in g-string and touching anus - COMPLETELY RESTRICTED AND BANNED
09:50 – lady with feathers and nipple tassles – POST 9PM restriction
10:15 – couple in bed performing erotic acts – POST 9PM restriction
10:41 – man runs hands over lady’s breasts – POST 9PM restriction
10:43- man kisses lady’s stomach – POST 9PM restriction
10:53 – man grabs and squeezes lady’s breasts – POST 10PM restriction
10:54 – girl with nipple tassles – POST 9PM restriction
10:55 – gimp man with woman in gas mask and bondage harness – POST 10PM restriction
10:59 – bondage scene – POST 10PM restriction
11:02 – forecful erotic pull of girl’s head – POST 10PM restriction
11:06 – bondage couple – POST 10 PM restriction
11:50 – singer and gimp man fight – punches, kicks and slaps – not graphic violence – POST 7PM restriction
* timeline may be differs from the video*

Controversial or not, this reminds me of something. Why Lady Gaga's Alejandro was secured from the ban, while the similar subject matter in 30 Seconds To Mars was slapped with ban? I do not think in morality Alejandro provided any differences from this. On another note, we would love the single version "Hurricane 2.0" that features Kanye West. The new video that premiers today does not have any print work from the rapper.

UPDATED: MTV claims and denies they have banned the video. It seems that the whole entertainment scene got it wrong. Apparently, the list of restriction was imposed by another entertainment channel, and was highlighted by Jared Leto after this article was published. We are sorry for the mistakes.
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