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Last Friday, FIFA announced the host for the World Cup 2018 and 2022 in an eventful night, marred with speculations and controversial votes-buying incident before and after the ballot. Of course, in any major event, there will a winner and loser. The winner was Russia but the losers were Spain, Portugal and England. On another ground, the winner was Qatar and the losers were the United States and Australia. The aftermath of the host announcement, the world has now embarked in a bitter blizzard of distaste and foul-play.

FIFA awarded the World Cup 2018 and 2022 to Russia and Qatar respectively

We shall not talk about the controversial event that leads to the breakdown of several unsatisfied parties first. GREEN TEA WORLD would like to congratulate the citizens of Russia and Qatar for their successful bid to organize the World Cup 2018 and 2022 respectively. Russia and Qatar beat the odds by emerging a surprise winner in the tight multiple-cornered battle to secure the votes of the FIFA executives to host the World Cup.

The result is pretty straight forward. Russia garnered the most votes in the first round with England which has the best technical inspection report was humiliated in the first round. Spain/Portugal bid was the second best in the report but could not have been able to do anything to deny Russia's win. In the end, the announcement sent Russian into unconfined joy but the media in England continues to banging the drums over foul-plays, betrayal and exclusive backdoor stories that exposed FIFA into a money-making organization and landing into a big cash cow deal for money politics.

Dejected...some of the disappointing faces when England was humiliated in the first round of World Cup bidding

The controversy World Cup bidding process began when the medias across England reported that FIFA has turned on vote-buying on the previous host bidding processes between 1989 to 1999, an allegation that FIFA has not turned in to investigate. The documentary broad-casted by BBC on 29 November 2010 highlighted that FIFA officials voting on the World Cup bids had received large bribes and that FIFA requires bidding nations to agree to enact special laws granting FIFA and sponsors tax benefits.

In the whole wide world, who doesn't know that Russia is a corrupt-filled nation that has a complex society and highly organized crimes within the government as well as its social structure? No, correct this - I am not generalizing Russia as a whole country that corrupts; only the elites in the government and gangsters in Russia have that kind of formidable access. There were plenty accusation on the government in hiding the truth and money-laden business on the vast country but I do not want to say that because I respect PM Vladmir Putin for who he is. A macho man indeed.

With the host been awarded to Russia, we hope they indeed changed as much they have lauded during the campaign. The problems in Russia are very simple:

  1. Infiltration of Russian rubles in money-laundering and corruption, organized by a certain sect in the government and the Russian gangsters
  2. Russian are the most notorious people when it comes to racism - Asians, Blacks, Latinos and Africans, beware!
  3. Been a vast countries, the key concerns of logistics and geographic challenges have been voiced out. FIFA also commented that there are some venues been too out-spread although the proposed venues are still confined within the western part of the country
  4. Lack of proper infrastructure and basic football technology
The United States and England were both the clear favourite as they scored a remarkable highest scores in the technical presentation, lauded as both were the best bidders for World Cup 2018 and 2022.

On the other bid, Qatar seems unassailable on its own world. It was weird to think of how players would adapt to a high 120 degree Fahrenheit, a dry and hot weather especially if you are playing the 2.30PM match. Qatar beats United States, Australia, Japan and Korea to become the second Asian country and the first in Arab world to host. The fact that again, Qatar has the worst technical presentation and report among the 2022 bidders and awarded in the end was another eye-raisers. Why? Money I expect. Qatar has never qualified to the World Cup finals and has seen some hiccups during the 2006 Asian Games.

Daily Mirror quotes:
It sparked dark hints that Russian rubles and Qatari riyal banknotes had influenced the result.

One England representative raged at the Zurich stitch-up: “We had the best bid by far but they gave both tournaments to the worst candidates. It makes you wonder what swung the votes. One is super-rich, the other famous for corruption. It makes you wonder what swung the votes. One is super-rich, the other famous for corruption."

People look you in the eye and promise you votes. You hope they live up to their word but that’s not happened. - Andy Anson, England's bid chief executive.
BBC's David Bond quotes:
When you have the best technical bid, fantastic inspection visits, the best economic report, and, from what people told us, the best presentation, it's quite hard to stomach that all that seemed to count for absolutely nothing - Andy Anson, England's bid chief executive.

It reflected once again Blatter's power. Many were writing the Fifa chief off before this vote, suggesting his power was on the wane. But he has shown that by securing the 2018 vote for Russia he is still very much in the ascendancy although Qatar's 2022 victory suggests Blatter cut a deal with his would be successor Mohamed Bin Hammam, the president of the Asian Football Confederation. If Blatter's intention had been to remind the executive committee members of his wish to deliver on his promise to Russia then it worked.

Fifa's desire to take football to new territories must be seen as laudable but the process by which these decisions are made is likely to come under enormous scrutiny - especially by those vanquished countries.
Andrei Arshavin, a talented Russian footballer who played for Arsenal, rejoiced after Russia was announced the victory.

In the end of the day, I think money-governing is just an aspect in our life. If the world can't believe what had happened in Zurich, they might as well adjust their spectacle and see things that occur here in Malaysia. I am tired of all these non-sense money politics and I ended up getting or hearing themselves more often in Malaysia nowadays. People calls these bastards by name - leapy frog, Jibby and et cetera. Money politics seems rampant, even in Malaysia or FIFA and that is a truth.

In Malaysia, these money politics that they are forging involves the citizen's money - tax payers could have condemn these acts but then again what reformation actions can we do? Oh yes, we can opt to change the government. Similarly, England FA should stop all these dissatisfaction now because the hosting rights have been awarded. Now, turn attention on the field and show the world what they really have. In similar tone, I have to say that most of the losing bidders - the highly potential bidders like Spain/Portugal, Netherlands/Belgium, United States and Australia have the same discontent over FIFA now.


Have you watched BBC's documentary yet?

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