Saturday, April 09, 2011


Have you watched Rio yet? If you have not, let me tell you that you should. Read on Green Tea Movie's review of appraisal for the animation.

Rio is not an ordinary animation. It is directed by Carlos Saldanha, the same director who make the Ice Age movies. It has a touching story about the relationship of the avians and human, on the basis of pushing the limit of boundary past the term 'pets-and-owners'. It also have sequences of majestic and rendering scenery of Brazil, fused with samba beats, highly octane festivity mood in the atmosphere. Best of all, it functions as a musical animation. Now, that is just some of the stuffs that Rio offers.

There is another plus, the soundtrack. Interscope Records produced and released the soundtrack of Rio.


So here are some of the songs you can hear int he movie and in the soundtrack. I have to say that the soundtrack is a worth to have! Go get it or it (LOL!). For the tease into the music, play the youtubes and the embedded MP3s below, ENJOY!!

01) FEATURETTE: the song "Hot Wings (I Wanna Party) by and Jamie Foxx

02) "Telling The World" by Taio Cruz - the theme song

03) "Real in Rio" - the first 2 minutes of the movie

04) "Fly Love" by Jamie Foxx

05) "Pretty Bird" by Jermaine Clement