Saturday, April 19, 2008

Silent Hill The Arcade

Another game, this one is called Silent Hill The Arcade, which of course is based on the popular PS Game franchise of Silent Hill. It is more torwards adventure rather than physcological horror thriller theme used in the PS versions.
This enemy is so popular, back in Silent Hill 2.
Nevertheless, there are much similarities and differences between this and the one that featured in the PS version. There are three stages and three areas in each stages. It is estimated that there are 6 enemy bosses to deal with. The Pyramidhead, The Dragon-look alike creature, The Long Worm, The Lizard-thingy in the water, The Puppet Girl and The Final Boss-Hanna. There are also other creatures you need to take down as well, the dogs, the nurses (some on gun, some on steel pipe), the ape-like humanoid, the slugs, ravens, the ninjas, the bunnies (rabbits on gun and axe).

The essence of the game is to get a lot of combo hit without missing your fire. Each combo is important, 1 combo will bring in 300 critical points while the maximum 20 combos will carry 6,000 points each critical hit. There are bottles of "ketchups" or first aid kit that will carry lifes. But beware, I don't seems to understand why sometimes your shot may miss!!

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