Monday, April 28, 2008

Wake Up Your Brain!!

Every morning, just tune to 95.8FM (FlyFM) and wait anxiously till the right moment at 7.45am every weekday.

Walah!! What do you get??

Phat Fabes and Ben will entertain you and ask you something that will trigger your sense and brain circuit directly from your radio set or loud-speakers. The power of brain as people say!! But it has been 117 days since this question trigger pop up and started, eventually until today no one made it. With RM 100 snowball each day with countless of people giving wrong answers, now it is almost RM 12,000. Not even close for the callers (listeners) to answer it correctly yet. No clue available and the only clue is in the web site ( where it list down all the wrong answers as follow:

1.Credit Card 2.Microwave Oven 3.Dress 4.Non stick pan 5.Air-cond 6.TV set 7.Electricity 8.Job 9.Iron 10.Satelite TV 11. Fridge 12. Insurance 13.Telephone 14.Fire Extinguisher 15.Dining Table 16.Flushable Toilets 17.Dishwasher 18.Housewives 19.Air-cond 20.Water Heater 21.Clean water 22.Pets 23.Vacum Cleaner 24.Children 25.House alarm 26.Computers x 2 27.Dictionary 28.Dishwasher 29.Car 30.Savings 31.House 32.Sofa 33.Automatic Rice Cooker 34.Karaoke Set 35.Toolbox 36.Washing Machine 37.Fire Extinguisher 38.Radio 39.Gate 40.Umbrella 41.Carpet 42.Sugar 43.Internet Access 44.Love 45.Maid 46.Toaster 47.Water Filter 48.Shoe Rack 49.Care 50.Sewing Machine 51.Happiness 52.House 53.Loving 54.Garden 55.Unity 56.Water Filter 57.Mailbox 58.Address 59.DVD PLAYER 60.Wall clock 61.Mobile phone 62.Family 63.Air freshner 64.Camera 65.Kitchen Cabinet 66.Lizard 67.Calendar 68.Mirror 69.Marriage 70.Bed 71.Electric Kettle 72.Electric Fan 73.Respect 74.Newspaper 75.Torchlight 76.Motorbike 77.Bicycle 78.Hairdryer 79.Romance 80.Piano 81.Ladder 82.Second Hand Car 83.Ashtray 84.Door Bell 85.Door Mat
86.Communication 87.First Aid Kit 88.Staircase 89.Discipline 90.Dental Floss 91.Calculator 92.Sitting 93.Stove 94.Illness 95.Automatic Car 96.Termites 97.TV 98.Gloves 99.Income 100.Education 101. Alarm Clock 102.Wok 103.Match Box 104.Curtain 105.Garbage Bin 106.Balcony 107.Pets 108.Broom 109.Grills 110.Blender 111.Relationships 112.Pen 113.Father 114.Flask 115.Insurance 116.Contraceptives 117.Photo Frame 118.mp3 player 119.Cleanliness 120.Suction Fan 121.Mosquito repellant 122.Can opnener 123.Squatting toilet bowl 124.Tea Set 125.Hangers 126.Keys 127.Parents

The question is: 29% of households don't have what??

Easy question but answer nowhere to found!! You people have any idea about it??

RM 11,700 awaits you if you can answer it correctly - only if you can!! Ah, my head cracked already and I'm so in headache!!

Come on, what is the answer for it: again,

The question is: 29% of households don't have what??

Come on, come on!!!

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acura said...

Really no idea. Hmmm....
Btw JJ & Rudy on also pretty funny. Can tuned in to them during commercials hehe

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