Monday, April 28, 2008

Football In UK, Football In Malaysia

People in these both nations share something in common. The people of the United Kingdom and the people of Malaysia not only linked due to their past history, but also the passion for the number one (numero uno) sport of the world - football.

Let's see!!

UK has English Premier League and Scottish Premier League (EPL and SPL in acronyms) while Malaysia has Super League and Premier League (oh, never mind if you don't know).

UK has clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Celtic, Rangers,etc.; while in the likes of Malaysia has something like Kedah, Selangor, Police FC (okay!!), Shahzan Muda (from Pahang i guess),etc.

UK has a better ranking in the world than Malaysia. I would have to say a superior ranking. England is at #11, Scotland at #15, Wales at #52, Northern Ireland at #34.

So, we move on.... Errr, wait!! What about Malaysia? Malaysia who?? I don't see it on the top 50!! Wait!! Not in top 100!! Hmmm....not in 150 list, so it has to be in top 100 bottom. Scroll...scroll...scroll... Huh!! There you are!! #170!! In English, it is called a hundred and seventy. In Malay, seratus tujuh puluh.


Oh My God!! I'm so damn proud of it. Malaysia is at #170, about #30-something from the bottom. How great is that!! So what now, we Malaysian cannot beat the teams of St. Lucia, Taiwan, Bahamas or Maldives. You got to be kidding don't you!! Not even Fiji, Solomon Islands, or the undernutritious North Korea!! Is it because of the weird calculation made by the FIFA or it been unfair? Or is it our mistakes that we seldom go internationally besides always cross the causeway to fight Singapore with some "ah moh lang"s? Never mind about the international match, it looks like we seldom go out to play except if got stupid qualifying round of Asia Cup, Olympic, or World Cup in which we will stumble early. Pointless!!!

Been the number one sport among the Malaysian certainly does not bring any good thing about us!! With the recent development of bookies and match fixing a.k.a. corruption is getting out of control in the domestic league!! As well as the fact that the low quality of the domestic league itself - empty stadiums, stupid goal, most goal scored by non other than foreigners, and make-me-wanna puke performance. It is all just gel up to one and only fact that I can understand - Malaysian football is nowhere to go except to the bottom of the ocean, no hope anymore!!

Please for the love of God, where is our football??

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