Saturday, April 26, 2008

Why Green Tea?

Many people ask, why Green Tea?
Why not M&M's chocolate or Milo? Or something like Ho Ho Ho then?

Green Tea is considered as a true tea. Originated from China but had travel across time to all corners of the world. People enjoys green tea everyday, and everywhere. Beneficial of green tea are simply undeniable. Tea comes in a lot of colour, but green and red one are unique. Even the person besides me are also (on the time of typing) enjoying a cup of hot green tea. Tempting!!

Camelia sinesis....
Nope, it is not my name, my girlfriend's name or anyone that I know. It just green tea.

Over the years, I grew fond and love of green tea mainly via my parents especially my mom. She is a caffeine-addict, she drinks coffee daily. But consider a strong side effects of caffeine, an alternative has to be sought or else my mom will end up been a caffeine-cranker. The doctor advised her to take green tea, then. It contains less caffeine and less addictive. Some people says that it is calming. Some experts also noted that green tea are potentially good for health.

Green tea has been served to me for a quite long history in my life. Since I was 8, I occasionally drank green tea. As long as my mom was indulging on it, I will follow.

The love of green tea I believe came with simply its name and its calming charm as people say. Green tea is not really green at all. It is just like other tea, bold and smooth. That is its uniqueness.

In my matrix life in Labuan, some people called me "Green Tea" as my nickname of course. Maybe people do realize that I love green tea and grew up together with Milo. I still remember a shop in Centre Point, KK. I am not sure if the shop that I used to go where they serve the smooth hot cup of green tea, I wonder if they are still there. I certainly miss green tea. Kind of hard to find any here but I sometimes still enjoy it.

I do hope, with green tea, it will be a serenity of our hectic life, a stressful one. Maybe you should try as well. Green tea is not a symbol of feminism as some of my friend thought, but rather green tea is an universal symbol of peace, serene and smoothness. Maybe you are right, green tea is not best to describe me in general. Been unique is always what people want, but been in greatness of others are hard to achieve. But green tea is something on other side of my life, overshadowed by the fact that I am pessimist, easily give up kind of people in reality. I am fortunate that I am still a rationale-thinker, dare to move and full of facts. That is unique.

Green tea can be hard to explain in words actually. Who can??

What a life I have!!! Green Tea is one of my companion. I hope one day I can enjoy green tea with my love oned. I wonder how is she?

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