Tuesday, May 13, 2008

English Champions, European Champions

It was raining cats and dogs, with the sky was angered with lightning and thunders at the JJB Stadium last Sunday. First half had gone, it was Ronaldo who converted a penalty kick while Scholes has a suspense yellow carded by referee for clumsy challenge. 1-0 for Man U at first 45 minutes on play.

On second half, at 62th minutes, Ukranian darling, Schvenkyo (whatever, I never get his name right) opened the scoreline for Chelsea, at somewhere south of JJB Stadium and far far away from here at London. (JJB is not in London, but London is south of the town JJB is). Paul Scholes escaped a red card, controversial as it seems.

Giggs had a record starts and appearance for Man U hall of fame - having the most appearance for the team, record hels by Sir Bobby Charlton all these while. He never disappointed us, he scored and now Man U are two up against Wigan. Last minute Bolton's effort works, an equalizer at Stamford Bridge, and Chelsea drew one all with Bolton. Earlier incident maybe controversial as it seems but the money is now on Man U side. No one can deny the excellency of this team from Northwest England to return as again another champion, twice in a row.

At the end of the night, Manchester United won what it called as the 10th Championship under Mr Ferguson and the 17th league champions in the history. Mr Fergie has never spoke or mentioned about retirement yet, so there are still clocks ticking for his pensions which I assumed this 66-year old chap is definitely rich in hand and bank.

Congratulations, Manchester United is the English Premier League Champions. With 87 points, 2 against Chelsea and 4 against Arsenal. Wow, what a life over the past season has been. Ronaldo you are the best, having scored so much this season. All kudos to the rest; Nani, Rooney, sometimes not so good Tevez, Owen H, Ferdinand and the rest.

We'll be looking forward for Champions League Final at Moscow. May it be another silverware for Man Utd, agaion!!! Let's keep our fingers cross. It would be a day when the Chelsea needs the last reason for Avram to kiss the pitch goodbye.


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