Thursday, June 12, 2008

At Last, I Can Work Part Time Now!!

This month, the citizen of this country called Malaysia was burdened by something that had been long expected. The soaring oil prices, the hike comodity market and inflation are just the things that give a kick to the current economy. So now what?

In line with the recent fuel price that had been given a boost hike of 41%, our Golf have been so generous to allow its civil servants to take up part time job. Wait the minute, you mean that all these while our poor counter people are not allowed to do so? Oh, I don't get it. It is because of the fear that they might not be working efficiently if the civil servants doing other part time job? Or it is because of the Golf are afraid that their credibility and loyalty may be ruined by these poor peoples?

Okay, now for the good news!!

You can work part time in your free time. Teachers will have no reasons to be denied their "right" to have a tuition class for their students in their own comfortable home and charged them for it. The cleaners in the Golf's office with cheap a** salary can now go to sell pisang goreng in Chow Kit. The drivers for YB now also can go drive taxi to earn some extra income. Maybe it is a good idea but doing extra work by working extra hour long can make people feel tired. So people at counters will be getting tired, lol!!! So, where is the improvement in the counter and customer service? It won't likely to happen, lol!!! Ooops, sorry for the crap talking!!!

Well, if you want to talk about the counter efficiency and customer services in the government department, whether these people do take or not taking any part time jobs for extra income, things will never be the same again. Wow!! The golf asked us to change my lifestyles. But the people still ask, "How to change?"

Well people, I usually pay RM1.00 for my bus ride from my house to the place I worked. The distance is only merely less than 4km. I can even walk to and from work, but I don't want to get myself sweaty and in feverish condition all the time. How to work if you are already sweat like hell early in the morning, destroying my "credibility" only, lol!!! Although the Golf reassure that there will be no price hike for public transports, eventually last Monday, the bus fare has up to RM1.50!! Okay, now I ask you what changes can we make in our lifestyles if even our lousy public bus also decided to make it not cheaper for people to ride on?

I have made an estimation on how I possibly spend for my day of working during the holiday:
  • Breakfast of fried mee in economic but no longer true = RM 2.00
  • Bus fare to work = RM 1.50
  • Lunch, sometimes I skip, sometimes I buy the cheapest is chicken rice (RM 4) or an economic rice which again is no longer hold the truth = RM 5.50
  • Tea time, what tea time. I need to spend the extra RM 2 for a 300ml of iced tea and RM2 for the hot cakes = RM 4.00
  • Bus fare back from work = RM 1.50
  • Dinner, "ta pau" rice = RM 5.50 again.
  • Extra thingy you want to buy each day
Now, the total of money you spend doesn't neccessary add up all, but rather you want it or not. This amount of spending are subjeted to whether you willing to skip those tea time, lunch or sacrificing those MP3s or cars that you crave for. The price above is based of prices in my home town, KK!!

Here it is....the least you can , err...I mean I can spend a day is about RM 17. Wow!! That's considered the cheapest if you don't include the time when you go out for happy hours, movie or others. Don't even think of other stuff you wanna buy, like shampoo, soaps, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. That is a minimum RM 510 a month, not including car insurance, room rent, etc.

Therefore, to cover the month and just merely to survive, RM 600 is a comfortable salary. If you have family of four, you must earn up to RM 3,000 to survive. So let me ask, HOW TO SURVIVE?


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