Thursday, June 12, 2008

Portugal Enter, Who's Next

Last night, the gorgeous Portuguese team stunned the Czeh team with a 3-1 victory over group rival. The Group A of Euro is not tainted as a group of death like the one in Group C. The results coupled with their 2-0 victory over Turkey in their opening match, helped to move Portugal into the quarter final stage, becoming the first in the tournament to do so, so far!! Czech had earlier beat Switzerland 1-0 in a nail-bitting but also bored opening game.The Czech have yet to show their true colour and strength, as they are certainly underperform. Last night also, the Swiss was booted out of the tournament after a late strike by Arda Turan to earn the Turks 2-1 win and ensured a final battle against Portugal, while the Czech will face the demoted Swiss. In my prediction, the odds are still more on the Czech to qualify along side Portugal and may battle against Germany in Q-final.

Until today, I haven't put my bet on any of those team yet for the ultimate EURO champion and it is certainly not England, lol!!! I have the feeling that the champion will be from the past winners. Spain, Netherlands, and Germany are on the biggest inclination towards the Delauney Trophy.

The Netherlands - Italy game

Arda Turan strikes late goal for Turkey

Netherlands' fans



acura said...

I would like to see spain or Holland take the Cup as they play nice attacking football. Please...don't let a boring team like greece win again!

-Clare- said...

Answering to your question, I would say SPAIN is the country to go. =) With top quality players and 4 goals in just one match, spain is a country to watch!

Holland is also a team to watch after they defeated the world cup champs!

BernardC said...

To Acura: Of course, I already tell u tat only the past winners will win this time championship, but I forgot to mention the possibility of teams like Portugal to win as well. No doubt, Spain, Holland or Germany looks certain to advance to semi-berth like almost for sure.

To Clare: Hey, Clare. Thanks for the visit. So, I can see you are a Liverpool cum Torres fan.

Abt Spain, versus Russia is kinda tricky as they are not so good in defensive. They did attack well but finishing,nope.

Abt Holland, I already expected that they can beat Italy since italy sucks these days. Ever since they won World Cup, they kept on playing badly. Don understand how the hell they can won?

-Clare- said...

Hahaha.. Yea man, I'm a BIG BIG liverpool fan. =D

DO u support any football team?

Haha. Italy won bcuz of the headbutt Zidane did to Materazzi la. Bcuz of that, i think France like lose their strength in playing.

oh well.. i really hope to see holland come up tops in the grp! =)

BernardC said...

To Clare:
Well, I support MU, I'm sorry!!!

If in EURO, I oso hope Holland will win as well. My money on Germany burnt out last nite, damn!!

In World Cup, Italy won by penalty mah oso

-Clare- said...

man u fan. why am i not surprised? ;p biasalah.

holland playing tonight! hope they can win man. but its 3 am in the morning u gonna watch??

croatia is a good team. they are just unrecognised. they beat england in the qualifiers if im not wrong. and germany's defense practically suck yesterday! hahaha.. omg. im not suppose to watch euro, but study! =P

omg. i still cant believe u can speak spanish wei. =D

BernardC said...

To Clare:
Yeah, i'm definitely will watch if got Netherlands, Portugal and Germany.
Haha, study? Tomorrow is Saturday. where got study.
I know a little bit only la. U ask me to speak, not that fluent la!!!

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