Saturday, August 30, 2008

51st Indepedence Day, 31 August 2008

It is warm night in Kuala Lumpur, with a few hours countdown for the clock to struck midnight. At midnight, Malaysia will celebrates its 51st anniversary of independence. 51 years ago, we achieve our own freedom from the Colonial British Empire. 51 years ago, the Malaysian people were independence and freed from the British rule. Thanks, Falcon for his inspiration that i felt that there are more we can talk about our independence!!

51 years ago (or perhaps even longer ago):
Kesultanan Melayu Melaka (wait, let me translate it: Malacca Malay Sultanate Kingdom, am I right?)

A Famosa

Trishaw as taxi


So over the years, we have these:
Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC)

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Sepang International Circuit



But behold, somethings not right here. Why everything also in Kuala Lumpur only, no others it is?
Got, Penang Bridge
North South Highway

Genting Highlands

Behold again, how about East Malaysia?
1 Borneo
Oil palm and rubber plantation

Oh whatever, looks like the RICHEST STATES in Malaysia beomes the poorest place in Malaysia. Easy, you just dig those oil, squeeze those oil palm, tap those rubber, chop those timber and take our money to finance your good-old-tallest tower or your big damn airport. Where's equality? Where's fairness.
Looks like after 51 years independence, Malaysian have not freed themselve from:
  • Equality (gender, race and religious)
  • Internet and media censorship
  • Poverty (I'm still poor)
  • Stupidity and moronic belief and ideas
Looks like we need another 50 years to get oursleves smarter in these things, How can it like this? I can only hope things will get better soon. I pray to God that these peoples who rule and been ruled, please pray that Malaysia really can change into a better place to call home!!



You are stupid and never learn your "simple common-sense and not even need to read your book" history well. Malaysia wasn't bornt on 31 August 1957, but it was 16 September 1963. 16 September is Malaysia's birthday!!

May Dear Lord bless the land I'm stepping in and so!!


acura said...

People do get the dates wrong every year. I think people of Sabah & Sarawak might not be too pleased by that

BernardC said...

I'm happy to tell u tat the retarded government never put 16 september, if not a public holiday also make it a special day. After digging all the money from there, they forget the people there. C, where got ppl wanna vote for them. They won bcuz of "IC Project" ma!!

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