Thursday, August 28, 2008

Top 5 Celebrities that should Consider Retire Early

So many celebrities; be it a singer, an actor, a politician or some monkey fella considered as a celebrity screwed things up these days!! Forget about swearing, 'sodomization' or anything to do with reformation, I know you people are sick and tired, so let's get some rest from those technical glitch. Yeah, the entertainment world is always entertaining. Look at them, they sing and act for you and then they caught into HUMMUS troubles. They got screwed up!! They got jailed for driving under influence, drug addicted and some put on some fat suit for some bad movies to make us sick and puke!! Maybe they should retire and get pensions early.

Okay, here is the list of Top 5 Celebrities That Should Consider An Early Retirement


I don't know why, he always wear a fat-suit to make him ultra-disgusting just to be feature in a movie. From the earlier days when we have Daddy Day Care, to Professor Nutty Klump, then Norbit and now Meet Dave. OMG, he is seriously disgusting, I don't know why! Remember him in a pink thong in Norbit, fine I puke! I hated the movie and it is extremely annoying. So introducing Eddie Murphy in Eddie Murphy in Eddie Murphy inside the Eddie Murphy!! Long gone are the days when he made good comedies. He is considering a retirement as soon as in two years time. Good, make it quick!!


Sorry, this is going to upset the hardcore fans of Britney Spears. It is not that she is not good, but at least I think she should consider early retirement, not now but perhaps in the next few years. Come on, you screwed up your life over the past years. Going to rehab, going to bald the hair, what's next? You come up with an album and then I expect you to GIMME MORE!! I like your images in your ealiy career, but as soon as you got famous, you come out with a new freaking image on your third album, since then, I got sick of you!! You can sing, you can dance but your day in my life is over!! Sorry people!! Get rest early, your ex-hubby is sucks - that is fact!! Myabe we should, "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE". Err...your no.1 fan can join, go Chris Crocker!!


I think your career is in the turmoil and in doomed (hope not) ever since Paris Hilton gave you some kick on your butt. Who ask you to do those things? Haha, you deserved it aren't you? Presidential Election is end of the year, but you made some stupid remarks here and there, get mess with Paris Hilton. OMG, Long Live Paris Hilton!! John McCain, go back to your home and get some rest!! I'm trying to be nice here.

No.2 : MICHAEL JACKSON and possibly JANET JACKSON as well

Okay, I don't know much about him, haven't heard of him much since he moved to Dubai. Still molesting kids? LOL, this black guy turn white (it's black and white, yeah yeah yeah) dude, he was freaking good but then he decided to call himself Caucasian, oh holy God, you are so naive!! What, he decided to change again, green like The Hulk, OMG!! His recent music failed like a flip flop. The worst is that her sister (Oops, his sister, LOL) also following his shoe. Can't make number one song and album already right? So, do something else or just retire. Get a proper spouse and settle down, okay!! Michael, you are 50 now and please don't "hang" your baby on the balcony, please.


I don't know why? The judges of last year's Grammy were deaf or what. Been psychic to give Amy Winehouse many many wins, five in fact, for the song that suit her so well. Go to Rehab but she refuse to do so. Even if she goes, the program still fail. Okay, how on earth that song can win Record of the Year? You give Foo Fighter or some other people, I'm much subtle. I heard the album, I have to admit that none was pleasuring my ear. Blues and Jazz fine with me but not when she sings. Even Macy Grey- the froggy voice sounds better than her.

Errr....Wait the minute....
JOINT No.1 : Him? Lol!! I have no comment about that!!
P/S: If you think the list can be expanded, feel free to leave a comment regarding on people you think should consider an early retirement!! It's only 5 peoples on my list, I am sure there are more to be included as well!! So enjoy!!

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foongpc said...

I agree with your top 5. They should indeed retire although Britney may still have a chance if she cleans up her act - not that her singing is good anyway.

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