Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bolehland Problem: Criminals Are In Loose, Women Are The Victim

Bolehland is a wonderful place to be. You don't have to be in Harlem, New York to see the drug king pin. You don't have to be in South Africa to hear about women been gang-raped. You don't have to go to Indianapolis to watch motorcycle racing each other. Probably you don't have to go to somewhere else to witness a jewellery shop been robbed. These all happened here in Malaysia, where criminals are all in loose. The good thing is, unlike Gotham City, most of the criminals in loose aren't thay psycho at all. Ever since I started to read and understand how the world we are living today is, it seems like everyday it is a mandatory that some news about the brave and bold Malaysian can and willing to do anything for anything. Okay, sometimes the immigrants does involved too and most of the reported cases were done by them. Well, it doesn't matter who; either is a Malaysian or an immigrant, still it all happened in Bolehland.

Crimes come in many forms of faces and situation. But nothing breaks my heart when the reports of women been raped or been murdered are constantly heard. The cruelity doesn't stop there. Women are also the subjects of domestic violence, gender discrimination, sexual harrassment and many other offences that the Bolehland retarded men can do. See, I'm not a feminism fighter or activist. It is not me been here to conclude that people or men in general in Bolehland are cruel or violence. I'm not!! And I'm sure the more civilised men will not be like that as well. Mark my word, only retarded moron men will!! My question here is why women always become the victim of crimes of passion, crimes of cruelity or whatever names you want to decide to name them? Why? It is hard to answer this question! I don't even know the answers, and I don't even know how to tell you the fact that at least a woman was raped, murdered or subjected to any domestic violence everyday in Bolehland.

1. Are women too weak to defend themselves?
2. Are women too easy to be tricked and cheated?
3. Are women too sexy to become a subject of offences?
4. Are women not as qualify as a men can be?

Here's my answers:
1. Women are certainly not too weak to defend themselves, just that it would be good if they know some martial art. Trust me, women who knew martial arts are damn scary. I know a few chicks who know how to chop people with the smaurai like Renaye, kick people in their ass with karate or taekwando arts like J or Serena, CathyC can throw tomatoes, Jun Jun with her sharp killing eye and look (err!!), EV with her anonymous move that may be lethal, Apple with her instinct killing or some other forms of nameless moves. Seriously, a woman should know how to defend themselves. If I had a girlfriend, I seriously encouraged her to do so. Safety regardless of any gender; men or women should be considered first. I think I might need to learn some tricks as well since I might end up my day today been robbed by some freaking idiots.

2. Women are not that easy to be tricked, the problem only comes when they put too much faith, trust and handing their safeguard to someone they believe in, only to be found out that their trust and faith have been betrayed! This situation can be applied to both men and women as well. Some sayings keep on reminding us to trust no one. I think it is true considering the fact that a daughter can be raped by their father, a girlfriend can be raped by their boyfirend. Most of the rape cases happen within the circles of people you know. Murder case also show tendency in the circles too. Husband beating their wife after work due to stress load - not in the SM manner on the bed!! Boss taking advantages of their secretary for satisfying their lust. This crimes of passion usually occur within the people we know. (After reading this line, you don't have to no longer trusting people anymore okay, just my point is that be aware and alert of your surrounding).

3. Women are meant to be sexy, but it is not their fault if anything misfortunate happened to them. Women are bornt to be the gender that elegant and attractive. But why some idiots put the blame on women when misfortunate happens. Why blaming a woman when she was raped? Just because she is too sexy!! Who is the moron head that suggested that our school uniforms are too sexy for girls? Who can assure that a girl wearing sexy outfit will always be end up raped on the streets or people who do not wear such a way will spare been raped? In this world where no assurance and guarantee can be a justification on what will or not happen. People who says that simply too quick to jump into conclusion and passing judgement. So been sexy or been a girl are a crime. Do not be like those in Pakistan or some other countries where woman who are been raped, need to find four religiously right men to be his witness. Failing to do so, the victim can be accused for committing adultery where penalty is heavy. Some so called honour rape - raping a girl to cleanse the name of family!! What is wrong with people with this kind of culture?

4. Gender inequality or gender discrimination still occur till this day. It should not be an issue. Everyone is just qualify to do anything, except that man can not be pregnant or woman can not pee properly while standing, oops, no offense here!! Men and women are born equal in many aspect of life if not all. There are some male who take up nursing course. There are many men taking "sakit puan" course. There are many women that can fly a plane. See, JunJun is a mechanical engineering student, no discrimination. MunMun can makes nice mooncake. Cathy is in marketing. Phingy talks about politic most of the time. Renaye sells unit trust. Apple is a business woman. Now who says women can't do those? Girl Power!!!

Before I leave, the recent abduction and killing of a 16-years old Lai Yin Xin in Johor. You heard about that news? For the respect to the victim's family, I'm not going to talk so detail about it. Just go and read from the daily. This is why a girl needs to know how to protect themselves! This is what she get when she trusted her boyfriend, while her dumb-ass boyfriend plotting a plan to kidnap her for money. How cruel this world is? May Lord have mercy on her soul. Rest in peace!! Her boyfriend, go to hell. Just when you can't get enough of burn and C4 bombing, please be remember this world is so pathetic!!

(This post was inspired by the death of the 16 year-old LYX - a post dedicated to all women I know and to anyone who read this as well)

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