Friday, September 19, 2008

PMS In Bolehland


Now, they are a few blog posts out there that are talking about it as well. PMS here and PMS there. First you have Cathy's one > here  and then later we have Acey's one > here  with comic strips of some PMS in Bolehland. Now, consider this as an extension in broader acronyms that features P, M and S, PMS!! You will be surprise that PMS' meaning getting broader and broader every hour. Yesterday, the C-box in Innit also featured peoples with some insanity ideas, they keep throwing out words, acronyms and definitions of PMS. Because of the interests shown regarding PMS, I am here to give you some more. Please be well informed that I am not as corrupted as you think, merely this is just a way to be more creative and imaginative as a blogger can be. Blame the holiday for giving me so much time to think about these!!

Warning: You can choose to skip this post if you wish too, before it's too late to do so....

You probably know PMS as PreMenstrual Syndrome, a condition that affects the lady once a month with much swing mood and temper, due to the swinging hormonal level before a menstrual begins. Others use of PMS are as below.

1. PRE-MARITAL SEX (PMS) is a common word when you are already reach or at a level of sensuality and lusts while engaging in a kind of relationship; not married either civil and religiously and is usually occur before one, to commit yourself in a sexual activities. Aiyo!! In this society, these phenomenon seems usual.

2. PLAY MY STICK (PMS) or PLAY MORE STICK. Someone uttered this words in C-box, but please don't think of something else. Sticks are not neccesary that sticks. We have so many definitions on stick we can think of; stick as in branches of a tree, stick as in a game console as in a PlayStation, or simply a joystick. 
Well, the most profanity one is in the act of jerking!!

3. PLEASE ME SOONER (PMS) or PLEASE ME SURE. You can either think it this way or taking an opposite polarity. When people talk about making someone happy, this is a term you should you use to avoid getting pissed-off, confrontation and to make someone be pleased with you; or simply giving the satisfaction that someone wants. Again, it depends on which situation, how and why you want to make someone be pleased with you. For example, use PMS to deal with your boiling boss which keeps on bugging about those financial reports, but of course, do it in Bolehland-way and style.

4. PERGI MAKAN SHIT (PMS) this one was said by Cathy...a credit for her since she like "marah" me just now. The shit list poster, click to enlarge!!

This is in Bolehland language, it does not simply asking you to go and eat shit, but rather it is a term to show your dissatisfaction and anger towards someone whom may have stepped on your tail. Someone mentioned on Innit C-box too. Many variations have been used before like "Go To Hell" or "Sek Si La Ni (Cantonese)", but introduce a new anarchy word for you...or else you can use this other option - PERGI MAKAN SAMPAH!! LOL...

5. POLIS MAKAN SUAP (PMS) or POLIS MEMANG SIAO (PMS). These are terms or titles you would always use to label how our police officers love to ask money from you. I'm not sure how severe the corruption in Bolehland now but the traffic polices used to love to issue his tickets for whatever offences he tried to pin you on. Park your motorcycle somewhere, inproper use of P and L stickers, not bucking up your seatbelt; do that in front of the white pigeon (a name I used to refer the traffic officer) and he will give you a summon. 
Don't have enough money to pay the summons, get rid of it by giving him some incentive - bribe!! Common??

6. PEPERIKSAAN MEMANG SUSAH (PMS). Now, students in Bolehland always complain of one thing and in the end they all got one common thing - frustration over exam or disappointed over the result. This is what you always hear from the student, "Peperiksaan Memang Susah la...(Exam Is Hard la, translated to English)" - more like an excuse due to studying last minute, understandable since I sometimes do it as well.

7. POWER-MONEY SYNDROME (PMS) is a syndrome that can affect and can be seen in some Bolehland people. This is particularly true considering that some of our Yang Berhormat (YB)'s actions. With money comes power and with power comes more money. I seen in a C-Box from PatTeoh's blog, where someone said this, "Those politicians are like managers, while the voters are like the CEOs appointing them to the posts. Ironicly, managers drive BMW but the CEOs are driving Kancil to work". Money and power are something inseperable...when you have the power to govern, you have the money to drive!! For certain, money makes you happy and at top of the world.

8. PLEASE MAKE SURE (PMS). Something that the Malaysian loves to use the word for. For example, during a meeting, the director will always tell his or her employees to make sure everything goes well. "Please make sure this this and this". Common line!! And then your teacher or lecturer will said this to you too - "Please make sure you passed up the assignment next Monday." Common lines again!! Your mummy said,"Please make sure you come back before 12". Another common lines!! *Sigh*

9. PASS ME SOME (PMS). Don't you get annoyed when people suddenly ask for some of your favourite dish. There is this people - a friend of mine, follow me to McD. So I ordered a McChicken set - of course, there is french fries there. My friend said he do not want anything since he is full. So, we sat at table and I started to dig into my meal. Then he said, "Can I have some of your fries?" Considering him as my best buddy, why not!! Deep into a hot discussion, I realized my fries are gone. Annoying!! But I'm sure this is Bolehland culture... "Pass Me Some", or "Minta Sikit!!!"

10. PRINTING MACHINE STUCK (PMS). This is random one. I found this picture from This one is like LMAO.

Suddenly my brain block comes again. Errr...this is what happen when you get distracted from something else. I can only give 9 when I got like 20+ last night. Hate when brain block happen.
Anyway, I can still give you the eleventh one.

11. PUI MUN SWEET (PMS also). Hello, Pui Mun. LOL, I never thought of this before until I realized that Pui Mun's name is also acroynm into PM. 
Well, this girl is famous for her lollipop and muncakes. Haha!! Go to her site to ask for free stuffs at

Running dry of ideas now already...Enjoy the PMS!!!


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