Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Date!!

First of all, I would like to thank all the nangers and the sole dangers in INNIT for my previous post regarding the controversial PMS in Bolehland (To nang, click here). Last check, I had about +22 (it was 23 minus 1); the minus or dang is kind of expected. With the plus 22, I think it was enough to put it into what it seems like the first top 10 ever on INNIT but I didn’t manage to get a glimpse of it since my WIFI connection was down whole day, or maybe I’m wrong!

Anyway, back to the main point:

I went for a date with Renee on Saturday. In fact this was the first time I met her in real life. For the detail of our date, click to her link’s on her blog; so I’m not going too much of the detail on our date. 

Don't worry, she is just a bit shy here! First impressions; she is more mature than I initially ever thought especially regarding her stands and talks about environment, politic and economy issues. She is also as friendly and as sweet as in the MSN. See I compliment you, don’t I?

Some highlights of the day with some pictures captured from my SE K310i’s VGA Camera. Sorry about its quality.

1. Some huge healthy rice dish at Little Vietnam.

Me: This bowl of rice is so big. I never thought that the Vietnamese eat so much back there.

She: This is a restaurant, not Vietnam. (LOL!!)

2. Watch ‘Mamma Mia! The Movie” at GSC MidValley

Treat her for this movie after an initial indecisive moment of choosing what movie to watch. ‘Pathology’ and ‘Accuracy of Death’ are not available at MidValley, while the rests are either not nice or watched already.

3. Went to The Gardens (The Taman-Taman) for the first time ever, seriously!!

Officially, only made entry to a shop called ‘GraffiTee’

4. Doughnuts from Big Apple Doughnut and Coffee with some mocha from San Francisco Coffee

What a way to fill up long afternoon chat with doughnuts and smooth blended coffee, which we treated each other.


5. Jaya Jusco hunting session of Japanese instant noodles

6. Stupid KTM, stupid Bolehland public transport just as mentioned before in my previous post. She left first and about 20 minutes saying ‘bye-bye’ to her, the sluggish coach made its way to the platform. What the hell, KTM…you are late by 15 minutes from the schedule. See so many people were waiting for you!!

Anyway, Renee, here is something I want to say:

Thanks for the company on a supposed to be an empty Saturday for me.

Happy Belated Birthday to you Renee!!

I hope what ever your dreams are will come true

You are a nice person to chat with, hope to see you and go out with you next time

Okay, some extra advertising here…if you want to invest in the unit trust, contact Renee, okay!!

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renaye said...

i was kinda surprised to see my name on innit. only then i realised it was ur post. haha. silly me.

i'm not camera shy but just don't want a wide circle readers to know how i look like. but i look very eerie in that picture... like the character in .. i don't remember that spanish movie.

thank u for spending the whole saturday with me, dr!

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