Monday, September 22, 2008

Nang and Dang: It's Really Big Deal

Anyone read JJR’s post regarding the dang issues in her blog? I don’t know if what I am doing right now is merely a right or wrong? I don’t know if she will hate me for what I am doing here since this issue has been reaching a point of her disappointment? Before I decided to ink this down, I fear this would ruin or hurt my reputation in front of JJR or any other Nuffnangers. But seeing someone you know among the Innit-Nuffnangers that I chat with everyday feeling sad, disappointed because of some annoying issue that give a big impact to the whole Innit society; does not made me feel right and happy.

I don’t want to talk much about the special visitor called MarcieTan whom I deemed as attention seeker and baby whiner, who came and danged all my Innit post. For me, a dang for a post in Innit is not something I would enjoy doing or making it into a circus entertainment. I have my own principles when giving a dang or just leave it for mercy. However, my principles had been questioned and challenged by this special visitor. Therefore, I would give you clarification that I usually give a dang when:

(1)   A post contains some flaws, inaccuracies in facts and figures. I remembered I danged Cjude87 for stating that ‘Malaysia achieved independence on 31 August 1953 few times in a post’, only to realize a fortnight later that the inaccuracies have been mended.

(2)   Heavy promotion on the chat box. I don’t mind you invite people to go to your link or blog, but placing a nanging link may not be the ultimatum solution for it at all. I don’t advertise but I merely made my presence in Innit been felt, and I believe in how people will aware about you and may eventually visit your blog. Try to write something that your readers will enjoy. You have a profile that list down your recent posts, right? My readers and visitors are my priorities!

(3)   Simply annoying!!

After the incidents of nang and dang on Innit over the last few days and JJR’s post, I realized two things:

(1)   Nang and dang may have been misused in Innit (no doubt) but it is still some form of measurement to determine how well or crap your post is. Nang-dang is like a vote, but not everyone can or will vote a certain post because you may not know the author, the topic doesn’t seems interesting or some other reasons. Hence, popularity or traffic does come back in play. I wish nang-dang is a measurement of how well the post is, not for some obsessions and satisfactions.

(2)   Why nang-dang is so important? It is important but I don’t think it is so perfectly important. I believe that unique visitors or your readers are the most perfect indicator. I believe that your way of writing and your ideas are the most perfect indicator.

To The Innit-Nuffnangers:

You may call me a hypocrite or anything but I think what ever JJR wrote in her post, we should consider the truthness behind all her words. I admit that this message also I write to remind myself about it.

When the question of whether some one should be danged or not, it depends on the individual itself to decide for their choices. I have my own principlse to do it but if other want to do so; either for principles, gang-dang or influenced by someone else, who are we to stop them?

A nang and a dang, why make it a fuss when your Nuffnang income is still flowing in?

Even a gang-dang, dang here or dang there may create a huge havoc, believe me, do you think the issue will resolve?

I wouldn’t say it is a great achievement and moment to see some ones’ post been danged till negative, should we?

We in Innit are just like other communities; there are goods and culprits residing in it. Sometimes we have fun, make fun of someone, hate some people, create insanity or even talk crap in the chatbox, but what is more important is our identity and our ethics as a blogger. What happened in Innit on Thursday when gang-danged occurred was not something we wish to do or we realy enjoy doing for just simply displaying a circus show. Well, we may seem to be enjoying it but sometimes beware of our borders!! Today I can tell Nath that people are hard to pleased!

To JunJun Riko:

I understand how our actions had made you disappointed and disgusted. Sometimes, the Innits are just crazy and I have to admit that we sometimes may over-react. I believe the majority of them are not some people who just simply danging others for fun. 

I did not wish to put the revenge on the first place. Sometimes, it may be hard for us to understand the insignificant of a dang. I admit that we are making ourselves no different for the one who are making the noise. Perhaps we felt what enough is enough and therefore, taking the matters into our own hand. Whether it was enjoyable or not, down in my heart, I felt it may not be that appropriate thing to do so. 

JunJun, I representing the whole Innit community directly or indirectly to say sorry if your feeling have been offended or disgusted due to our actions. We never hope things like this will ever happen, but what happen had been happened, with the saga will likely to continue. I’m sorry if I myself talking craps too but been a part of the Innit family, I felt I have the responsible to say sorry if you are offended. I do not wish to see you sad or disappointed. Cheer up girl!! 

Innit family will never complete without you because you are a part of us as well. The community is too big for you and me to really take care of but what we can do is to pin-point what is right or wrong, since controlling is impossible. 

Once again, SORRY JUNJUN!!


Cheesecake said...

*shake head* really got people so serious about nangs and dangs ar? didnt know tat. i just post it and thats it. oh well. diff peep diff view.

i believe blogs are just being true to urself. i dun think it matters as long as u know u r satisfied with ur post, den satisfied la. why seek satisfaction from others?

hopefully i dun hurt anyone. again, it's only my point of view... cheer up. blogging is all about being urself and having fun...


3POINT8 said...

you are apologizing on behalf of innit's community?
what if the community doesn't want to be represented by an individual?

3POINT8 said...

yo chill man~~~
My statement was more like: "why are you apologizing on behalf for the actions of others?

JunJun-Riko said...

hey bernard, don't need to say sorry at all ler. i was just writing out what i felt in my blog. i disabled comment and ask ppl not to msg in cbox bout it, coz it's no big deal and i don wanna make a big fuss over it. so don't need to apologize.
and 3point8 got point, what if others don't have the intention to apologize then they'll feel badly towards u.
not worth it at all for small matter like this la..
anyway, i've forgotten bout that inicident, so peace k? =)

renaye said...

i think innit members have misused the nang and dang features. in nutang, we have a similar system but we got no dang.. it's just 'nang' and we nang it by clicking 'recommended'. posts on nutang which got recommended means it's got isi... not just crap. but sometimes we do accidentally nang our own post too!

and basically i don't even bother if someone wants to nang or dang my post. it's my blog, it's my territory. to hell with whoever wants to criticize my brain. u don't insult the virtual host.

Falcon said...

i prefer to remain silent on this issue but i have one comment...chill guys..there's more to life than nangs and

Cathy said...

hey, i agree with u..
anyway, it's already dont need to mention about it again..=D

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