Thursday, September 11, 2008

MEMORIAM: It's Been Seven Years!

Today is September 11, Patriot Day in United States and the memorial day for the September 11. In conjunction with the seventh anniversary of September 11 Attack in the soil of America, I would like to dedicate this post to all of those who had perished, those who had lost their loved ones, those who had fought tirelessly during that time to save the life in despair, those who survived the attacks and to all the citizen of United States of America.

I wrote purportedly at the right moment when the first tower of The World Trade Centre collapsed. Seven years ago, I still remembered that I was studying when suddenly my neighbour complaining about the ASTRO been diverted to a special news channel. We thought it was a prank but apparently it was not. Those footages looked like one of those summer action blockbuster but they were not.

As a result, more than 3000 lives were perished on that day. Later, the war on terrorism was pledged and another estimated 10,000 death later onwards.

Dear bloggers and readers, let us pray for them!
In The Name of Our Father, we make this prayer to those who had perished; Let their souls are well blessed in Heaven and let them rest in peace on the side of your beloved Son; Let the survivors and their family members remain calm and strong to go through the rest of the days; Let there be peace and harmony in our beloved World; Let there be no more blood shed and cries because of war; Let the Earth be showered with blessings on all over the land; and let make Earth a better place that we can call a home!! Amen.
If you are not Christian, just use your own religious beliefs to pledge a prayer for them.


Johnny Ong said...

one of those sad moments. i remembered i was watching another channel till a fren called to ask me to change channel

acura said...

We must pray for the victims of 9/11 & also the victims of those being arrested under ISA

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