Saturday, September 06, 2008


Lately, I was uninspired when talking about blogging materials. Everyday, I have something, in fact too many things to say in a day. However, I am having this kind of dilemma to utter out the words and to post. You see, I can basically talk about the things I have done today, what happen to the moron Bukit Bendera who said Chinese is actually a squatter in Bolehland and so on. Never mind, let’s go to the main point shall we.

My name is Bernard! Yes it is, or if it is not what else you should call me then? Bernard is my first name, a part of my unofficial five-word full name. (If you are curious about my full name, click here to view.) BERNARD pronounced as bur-NAHRD (US-slang) or BER-ned (UK-accent) is a masculine name of German and French origin. If I’m not mistaken, the name means ‘Strong’ or ‘Brave’ as a bear. Wait the minute, so I am a bear from Germany and France!

So let’s see the other more famous BERNARD from around the world:

(1) First of all, the likable St. Bernard dog, bred for rescue and as working dog. This cute canine originated from Switzerland and Italy.

We have Barry the St Bernard dog who lived in 19th century and claimed to have saved over 40 lives during his service as a rescue dog.

The other famous St Bernard dog is Beethoven, a movie fictional dog character from the popular Beethoven film series. I’m not sure how many people remembered the movie, since it was first featured in 1992 and now had spawned four sequels.

(2) Number two; Saint Bernard of Menthon, a Catholic saint attributed for mountain and dogs. He established the St Bernard’s Passes, a famous path for mountaineers to travel across the Alps Mountain. Historically it was used as a road for French and German pilgrims to go to Rome.

(3) Number three; Bernard, the polar bear where you usually see on the RapidKL bus. Bernard is the central character of the French animated series that run only 3 minutes per episode.

(4) Number four; Bernard Nadler, a fictional character in LOST, played by Sam Anderson.

(5) Number five; Bernard Hill, a veteran British actor famous for his role as Captain Edward J Smith in the movie Titanic and King Theoden in the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings.

(6) Lastly; me, myself and I. But I don’t look German or French or even a bear?

Okay, this is super random....Miss Angel



JunJun-Riko said...

OMG!!! u pose same like the miss angel!!!

Xjion89 said...

ooo, now u mention it,next time, when I drink green tea, I will remember St. Bernard from "Beethoven", and then u!Wow, quite an good way to rmb u. Anyway, hv a nice weekend!.

BernardC said...


Xijon89: haha good one!!

pris said...

i cannot tahan ady!
my rectus abdominis hurts!

renaye said... which bernard do u want to be?

Falcon said...

very creative post!!

BernardC said...

Pris: Well, try to tahan aja

Falcon: Thanks very much!!

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