Thursday, September 04, 2008

Some People Are Just Creative; Thus Come These Videos

First of all, happy writing my 111th post of the blog and 100th of the year. Wow, what a feat!!
I was introduced to these videos by my friends. Seriously, I want to laugh like hell. I am not aware of these whole thing's existence until my friend asked me, "Want to see soemthing funny?". I got a bunch of friends watching at it already. Since I was in the nothing to do mood, why not join the fun and laughter?

Hence you have these three videos in YouTube. Made for fun from peoples who are just really creative. I should said that they are pretty funny but crude at the same time.


(1) These videos may offended certain groups of peo
ple, therefore I should hereby say apologize to those people who may get offended by it. Because those videos are in Hindi and Japanese, I am hereby truly apologize for any offended. These videos are meant to make your day happy - so don't take it seriously.

(2) These videos may contain some profanity, sexuality, offensive and vulgar words. Therefore, parents guidance are recommended for those below errr....18. 

(3) Errr...Enjoy!!!

Haha, these bright your day....

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