Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I'm Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

Happy Hanukkah everyone!!!

Errr...Am I right? Hanukkah is in October right? LMAO 'n' LOL

Oops sorry...End of this month of October is supposedly all about Halloween. Okay, So Happy Halloween in advanced everyone!!

Halloween is the day the ancient peoples like my great-great-grandparents believed that it was supposed to be the day of boundary between the alive and the deceased dissolved, the day when spirits of the deceased will come back to cause problems like sickness or damaging the crops. These people are so philosophical, poetic in ideas. You see those during the ancients and even today are very superstitious. Be it a religious or even socially celebrated event, Halloween is a day we should party!!!

Party you ask why!! Simple. Those kind-hearted people in Nuffnang and Nokia (Connecting People...) are so generous to throw us a party. Not just an ordinary party. Expect to see Brad Pitt, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Shia LaBeouf and all the Hollywood peoples there. Venue; Borneo Baruk Club some more, date on 1st November. Haha, thought you people didn't officially invited me yet, I just want to say thanks for throwing things like this for the nice peoples in Nuffnang.

Okay, enough of flattering those nice people in Nuffnang and Nokia. My task is not yet ended. I still need to answer a question right?
So, the question is why Nokia XpressMusic makes Halloween better?

(1) What makes Halloween better is that the fact Nokia had already throw me some great party for my Saturday night!! So party throughout the night with Nokia XpressMusic. Jam, sing and dance all the way down!!

(2) What makes Halloween better is when you can dance on your own - not that no music is been played, but the music plays directly into your headphone. Nokia has definitely enable to party at place you can't really party. When people say please no clubbing....then go clubbing in your house or at library or even at your office...with headphone on your music device...dance it smooth!!

(3) You can let Jack O'Lantern to bright up your day as he will spin his tabletop for you... With Jack O'Lantern and XpressMusic, make this Halloween funky!!

(4) Nokia XpressMusic will ask you to do it silent. Silently we party...So what the hell is Silent Halloween? I also don't know...Just remain "Silent" - that's enough to make my Halloween better. 

(5) Hmmm...Or maybe with Nokia XpressMusic; this Halloween shall be a great time to be reminded of these dudes; 
Fighting the mummies with your wife, son and brother-in-law or 
Fighting dracula, werewolf and Frankeinstein simultaneously.
But people, party party also. Please be party responsibly later okay!! Hope these things won't happen then....


Falcon said...

hope you get tickets!!

pris said...

if u get tikets i wan come too!

renaye said...

err... i will be at home watching tv for sure...

Arzed said...

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