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It is a custom that people will usually compiled their top ten favourites of the year in anything. For Green Tea Movie, there is nothing more grand than to award the favourite and best reviewed movies of the year 2009 with some recognitions and respects for bringing 2009 in as a year with a big bang. Here on this three-part post(s), Green Tea Movie will unveil the Top 30 2009's BEST REVIEWED MOVIE.

(1) One, it must be reviewed and featured on Green Tea Movie for the period of between 30 December 2008 to 29 December 2009.
(2) Two, the list can includes any movie from 2008's Oscar Season titles that were released only on 2009.

P/S:However, acknowledging there are some movies that Green Tea Movie had yet to watch and review, we apologize for this shortcomings. Always remember, GREEN TEA MOVIE is a no-budget movie blog that serves you on the net! Those movies which I believed deserved more into the Top 30 include Up In The Air, (500) Days of Summer, An Education, Moon and so on.

PART ONE: #30 to #21...

Some people call it a crap and garbage, but thanks to its efforts on providing non-stop action and breathtaking effects where the giant robots clinging their balls and fists on each other, the giant robotic flick did not fare as well as the first Transformers which cracked into the Top Ten list back in 2007. Critics has generally panned the film but Green Tea Movie saved their asses because of the actions and effects, but not its crappy story line.The fans are not too well pleased. The plot is too childish but also too explicit at time and it is an obvious escapism entertainment that makes no sense at all. That is the typical type for any Michael Bay's films.

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Robert Zemeckis know how to create a 3-D film that uses motion capture sensors. He did it twice before: The Polar Express and Beowulf. This time, he took the classical tales of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and turned it into a different and distinctive version that cannot be ignored. The Christmas spirit is however still lacking while the imaginative is soaring high. Generally mixed reviewed, been criticized for been taking things to hard and distractive. Jim Carrey in a multi-roles seems good for been a legendary Ghost of Christmas.

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The canine pic was originally released on Christmas 2008 but arrived here earlier this year. The inspiring story about the troubled Labrador as adapted from a true-story and biography, the movie received a less stellar reviews but nevertheless still managed to grab our 28th grid here on Green Tea Movie. Thanks to its inspiring and emotional twist that really challenge the transformation of both Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, the movie works in every corner as a cute pedigree.

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US BOX OFFICE: $ 143,153,751

The true event behind the plot attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler as planned as the Valkyrie Operation attracted a relative performance that saw the return to form of Tom Cruise. The World War 2's Nazi-themed movie is one of the few that will be featured in the top 30. Certainly World War 2 Nazi is an interesting subject matter for the year. Tom Cruise did it well to execute the movie intensity well. Yet again, the film should have done better in many aspect despite its controversial theme that had annoyed the German.

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Perhaps one of the under-rated political thriller of the year, Green Tea Movie loves the movie so much but somehow, it was not able to shine as bright as its progression story goes. Fueled with top notches like Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck and Helen Mirren, this movie projects the journalism field from a highly intuitive and curiosity to a new level. Based on a popular 6-hours British TV series, this movie can go higher if not of its ending.

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US BOX OFFICE: $ 37,017,955

Craving for food? Meet Flinch, the guy who brought you the food raining weather service. Bizzare yet unique. The animation joined the lines of the other form to sit prettily on the Top 30. It did not did well in term of story, where it is no Pixar and lack in human touch. But it managed to make people hungry. A smart film that gives Sony Animation arm a more prospective jobs in the future. The guys there should be able to continue more quirky humor and slapstick fun.

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US BOX OFFICE: $ 122,650,135

It is supposed to be drawn from the beloved graphic novel, most celebrated as well. The imaginary of Zack Sneider was very strong as always and as you have seen in 300. Less bloody and less decapitated limbs, the group of vigilante known as Watchmen need to co-operate to find the causes for the death of one of their friend. The story is brave but many complaint for its too draggy and boring pace, accounting for a lenghty 2 hours and 40 minutes on the clock. We love graphic novel that are made in such way and how I hope it can be more solidify.

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The second Nazi-based movie of the year to make it on the list. Defiance act pays a heavy price for a group of European-Jewish survivors that made all their need to run from the Nazi SS troops. Daniel Craig headlined this 2008's movie for a great cause and it managed to captivate Green Tea Movie thanks to its strong and organized plot. Too bad, lack in accessory criterias (effects and cinematography) dampened the movie from going any higher. Also, it did not get much attention from this year's Oscar.

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Disaster picture has not been a real phenomenon this year. With 2012 (SPOILER) failed to make it into the final 30, we are lucky to have one substitute that worths better. Never been always the apocalypse benn merged well with extra-terrestrial and paranormal activities before. All three elements present but the only flaw is the purposeless ending. Knowing will also always be remembered for been the turning point for the greater career repo for Nicolas Cage's recent fine journey.

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The sixth Harry Potter film in the almost decade old franchise has so far been working well compared to the paler fifth film, The Order of Phoenix. I never have the preference to any of those previous Harry Potter movies before but this one should make a little exception by the way. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is perhaps a little surprising for me, more standout and much better. Whether this movie is awesome, it depends on whether you are a fan or not.

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There goes the first part of the three planned feature. Tomorrow, GREEN TEA MOVIE will continue to unveil the Top 30 by counting the movies at number 20 to number 11. STAY TUNED!!!

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