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On the last post, we already countdown some of the BEST REVIEWED MOVIE of the year. A recap, we did countdown from #30 to #21. Continuing our very own TOP 30 2009's BEST REVIEWED MOVIE, the part two will feature another ten movies in the middle field. You can catch the Part One here while the rest will continue after this jump.

PART TWO: #20 to #11

The Ron Howard's flick that took us back to the time when Richard Nixon was interviewed by a popular TV host David Frost, following his resignation from the White House and Watergate scandal. Those moments were made into a piece of brain-game between the two individuals, a word swashbuckling that are intriguing to watch. Some top notch performance that worth some Oscar consideration for Michael sheen and Frank Langella nevertheless. Indeed this 2008 movie has made it into number 20 of our list. Lengthy briefing and unfamiliar political setting in Malaysia has hinder it to go even higher.

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US BOX OFFICE: $ 18,622,031

Another Ron Howard's movie landed in the top 20. This sequel to popular smash hit in 2007's Da Vinci Code proved to be much better in terms of hair-do, pace and storyline. Although Tom Hanks still run and explain, the story has been carefully created to tackle the book in better way. The original material is not as widely popular as the controversial Da Vinci Code. In the end, it was a decent action thriller film that deserves a place on Top 30

US BOX OFFICE: $ 133,375,846

This is a surprise comedy hit that make a bulk of fortune on the Box Office. It is one of the highest grossing comedy of the year and one of the best as well. Solid performance by four bachelors who spend their night together at Las Vegas but only to realize the next morning that they ended up in a deep shit. It is one of the craziest and smartest script that plays around the dilemma so well that it causes laughable moments. Expect another raunchy sequel.

US BOX OFFICE: $ 277,322,503

Liam Neeson is a brilliant actor. But the problem lies on the movie inability to ramp into something bigger while instead play to a normal satisfying action thriller. The movie is simple from the beginning to the end. This is particularly another version of Jason Bourne or James Bond, but skewed older. The family avenue has brought the movie to a spectacular search for his own daughter. Perhaps, it has one of the best memorable line of the year. Try to guess it and utter it out then?

US BOX OFFICE: $ 145,000,989

Disney successfully launched its traditional hand-drawn cartoon back to the cinema. Thanks for serving at least one that does not require full eye vision to view those 3D or some digital form. Thank God, the story is simple to follow but the greatest strength in the film is that the ever lovable Frog Prince took a deep curve to another dimension where the American Black culture was brought in to spice the film up. Not only that, the music is another strength. Songs are enjoyable nevertheless. Care to kiss the frog next time?

US BOX OFFICE: $ 66,750,505

It is not another bad day for Michael Mann. This time his Public Enemies grabbed everything that is formulaic fit to make one hella of the movie. John Dillinger is a dangerous man and was made even more by Johnny Depp, no doubt that his performance deserved some noting here. But the letdown is that its pace is a little bit slow. It is compellingly fit to be another mob drama and led with a charismatic performances. Again, no Great Depression as promised.

US BOX OFFICE: $ 97,104,620

Muscular car, a Ford car model from the 70s made a great movie. Humorous, touching and inspiring, Clint Eastwood made a great movie of it last year which worth every penny of you to get through the difficult Oscar season last year. The movie can go higher if it does not emphasize too much of the value of anti-heroism it try to embody. No doubt, it is still a good movie to watch. In the end of the day, you will need to shout this out to Dirty Harry - Nice car!!

US BOX OFFICE: $ 148,095,302

Sherlock Holmes as envisioned by Guy Ritchie is a contemporary attempt in making the beloved Arthur Conan Doyle's character a truly Bohemian by heart. Well, indeed it works although it does not fit in entirely. Nevertheless, the legendary detective get an elementary stylish appeal thanks to Robert Downey Jr. Taking in things too quick, the pace of the movie is speedy but nothing in the plot stone left untouched. Some more, the partnership between Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law is so interesting and fun to watch.

US BOX OFFICE: $ 73,580,000

Zombie has never been this fun. Considering the pain watching Alice fighting those undead in Resident Evil films are quickly shut-off thanks to the solid combination of horror and comedy. The nemeses like Jennifer's Body also failed to do the formula right. Indeed, Zombieland is very funny, over-the-edge-of craziness and lives by a laughable rules that somehow make senses. In another advantage, we have Bill Murray's cameo role that is so strong that perhaps he did even better than 9 Garfield movies (if they exist).

US BOX OFFICE: $ 75,590,286

Sam Raimi returned to what he had best in his resume - horror. This is one and only true horror that deserve such a high spot on the year-end Top 30. Drag Me To Hell comprises of a young woman who was cursed in anyway by a dying Gypsy woman. It is crazily fun, gross and terrifying but laughable. These are the true 8o's horror that embody these traits on a fashionable styles. The character of the movie is none other than Lorma Raver, the Gypsy woman herself.

US BOX OFFICE: $ 42,100,625

There goes the second part of the three planned feature. Tomorrow, GREEN TEA MOVIE will continue to unveil the Top 30 by counting the movies at THE TOP TEN. Will The Hurt Locker truly lived it up to the expectation? Or James Cameron will return to the throne he once held? STAY TUNED!!!

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