Monday, December 28, 2009


Last night (Saturday night), I watched Titanic on TV2. Not that I have never watched it before but I do not remembered when the last time I watched that movie on TV was. One thing for sure, it is one of the costliest movie has ever made and in Hollywood, only man like James Cameron know how to spend US$ 300 million budget wisely. Titanic made it into the top on the most grossed film in the movie history. More than US$ 1.8 billion was made worldwide just when we considered the number from cinemas; other forms of revenue were not calculated in.

Titanic is not only an honour for its cinematically achievement; raking so much money from the box-office counter and won an unprecedented 11 Academy Awards (Oscars) back in 1998, but Titanic is a constant reminder for human kind of the misfortunate event that went unfold in 1912 where no one can rise above the mother nature. Titanic was the largest cruiser ship ever built by mankind (up to that point) and was the fastest that time as well. But no one has ever gave an odd that the ship will sink on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean 97 years ago.

Human and Mother Nature has co-existed for very long now. We live together in the world we all known as Earth but there are times when we human wanted to rise above Mother Nature but we ended up whiplashed on our back due to our arrogance. We built the largest iron ship ever and decided to put in the ego in it. How proud are human with it back then? There are stories that Titanic was trying hard to make a cruising record to cross Atlantic Ocean in the fastest time. However, at one point of the journey, Titanic hit the iceberg and sank couple of hours later into the deep ocean, bringing to an end for about 1,500 souls to the bottom of the ocean. Roughly, 700 survived mostly the upper class passengers who have enough money to pay to escape their death.

Titanic is also a movie filled with emotional displays of love and human compassion. In the movie we were served with the romantic story between Jack and Rose, played by the ever now popular Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslett. Of course, the story of between the two souls may not be true but nevertheless, it was one fine movie to watch. It was unimaginable how the little sparkle of love can unite peoples from different backgrounds to come together as one. Nevertheless, Titanic remained to be one of the greatest film ever, the greatest romantic movie ever and the greatest epic story ever.

Titanic is a perfect example on how human was banished badly by the Mother Nature. But what worries me the most is that the constant arrogance by human may bring us closer to the doom. Global warming is a global issue that has great impacts for the future that nevertheless can be very terrifying. Climate changes over the last millennia due to heightening of industrial revolution have created tones and tones of green house gases that cause the world temperature to rise. Are we courteous for the changes? Or we merely do not care at all about the effects?

Human survivor is not merely to protect the environment but depends on it. If the whole environment system failed, who are we after that? The recent failure for the world to unite to form a new pact of agreements to tackle the universal problem is something to be noted for. The failure of United Nations sponsored summit for climate change in Copenhagen recently is devastating. No official accord agreement and mutual understanding formed, leading the world to no where but a roadblock.

Remember, it was not easy and it will never be easy for human to try to step ahead of the Mother Nature. Once the balance is disrupted, the aftermath is catastrophic. Mother Nature will punish. Titanic sailed to show the man’s greatness and attempt to rule the ocean but the unsinkable ship sank eventually. That’s why we shall not play against the Mother Nature. The same goes to climate changes. The consequences may far more deadly than ever.

Mother Nature does not speak or tell you that she is hurt, instead she gives you those signs and symptoms you can obviously see. She is dying and yet the more we try to challenge her superiority, the more aftermath and unwanted consequences on the mankind. After all, the mankind will falls too when the Mother Nature falls.

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