Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Malaysia is one of those developing nation that has achieved so much economical growth over the years. For years, Malaysia becomes a hub for Indonesian, Burmese, Filipino and Bangladeshi workers to earn a living and money to be send back to their home. One can argue that with RM 1,500 per month is nothing but having a scrap through life. In big cities like Kuala Lumpur, the figure is considered as the bar line for having a normal living, subjected on how you want to spend them!

But what if they are some who earn even less than that? These are the reality faced by these foreign workers – they earned as little as RM 500 per month (although the figure is still higher when they were back at their country!). Never mind about the little pays, they are foreigners and they don’t deserve the whole pie. But what happen after working for 18 hours a day for 10 months but you don’t get a single cent from your employer? Imagine that, too much! Or what about those who has been physically and sexually abused? Imagine that, unbearable! You decided to leave but only that you can’t because your passport – the freedom pass is at the hands of your reckless employer! Imagine that, inhuman! You turned your attention to seek help from the authorities. Authorities who? Would you expect police or RELA member, or even the Home Minister or PM to help you? When you try to go public, everyone is hunting for you and it's just get better, sounding like one adrenaline-rushed action film.

What have been I said earlier are the truth that are hard to be swallowed – a reality of what happened and experienced by the immigrants. What you did not see doesn’t mean that it didn’t happened and what you ignored tends to be something serious! The following video was never been featured in Malaysia and will never will. Thus, I take a step forward by digging this thing to you. Like Mulder and Scully used to say; the truth is out there! Watch, learn and understand the concept of human trafficking. In the end of the day, ask yourselves – is it about our moral virtue or the greed of money should we blame? We know that the money is the roots of evil deed!

It's a 2006 video but who said things don't persist till these days