Wednesday, April 21, 2010

iPAD, WePAD, EveryonePAD....PART ONE

Apple, Inc. It is not just about an iMAC, iPHONE, iPOD or iPAD. It is a household brand name that boast the creativeness, drained exactly from the brain of Steve Jobs himself. For me, there are so much to love and to hate about their products. Neverthless in most cases, I have to agree that Apple products has been served as a tester for the customers' taste for current techs; always a step ahead from the others in terms of products placement. They set the early pace for others to follow. Technology is started by them and then improved by others. Is that what it is about Apple? Maybe, look at iPhone for instance. iPhone keeps getting better and better, while other products are catching up too.


Here is something I feel that it is no longer something like an iPOD or iPHONE. I was very convinced that this product is even crappier than when iPHONE was first rolled out (although in latter days, I find iPHONE really awesome in some angles). The name itself isn't that pleasant at all, discrimination against the women and it reminds me of tampon and sanitary pad. Why can't they named it iTablet in the first place? It looks like Steve Jobs has no other suitable name for this pad after all.

Anyway, criticism has been lauded on my previous post about it (Click here and read it - that even Hitler can't stand it!). iPad creates even more questions than a better solution for their own problems! iPad will remain as a personal device that works on no multitasking, no camera and everything of the usual Apple's absentees. Although initial reaction has been poor, the users are now getting used to it. Some quarters have expressed their satisfactory for iPad but I'm going to stick to my own opinion that iPad is still SUCKS and CRAPPY. Like I mentioned in my the previous article, iPad reserved only to those who have been fond with Apple's products. iPad can be a success but it will be largely based on the Apple's brand name.


Yes indeed. While iPad began its sales a fortnight ago in Apple-land with sales been deemed underperformed (only 300,000 on Day One after months of pre-sales), Germany's Neofonie launched in what they called an "iPad killer". Rumours have been circling around that the so-called iPad killer or WePAD as some of you may have heard it, as a publicity stunt and hoax. The hoax appeared after many complaint that Neofonie did not showcased a proper prototype of WePad, while the one shown by its CEO Hoffer von Ankershoffen seems to be running on Windows 7. Hoax or not, later it was believed to be something promising. We will have more details when WePad will be officially introduced on April 26.

Then we have some Indian company known as Notion Ink, unveiling their slate tablet PC-like device - Adam. What's unique about this device is that is runs on a Pixel Qi screen display, the one that uses low power to operate. Like WePAD, Adam also runs on the Android OS (WePAD is more of a Linux + Android) and available in a much better processor than iPad.

Technically speaking, Apple iPad's launching has now officially set a war - the war of tablet PC worldwide. In Part Two of my report, we shall look at another 10 upcoming tablet alternative to your much mixed Apple iPad!!