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Over the weekend with the hypes of iPad has been buzzing around the ears of the people who are eager to know what it is has finally materialize. I do not really like the name even because iPad is always sounds like a sanitary napkin or women's towel. I thought Apple should have retained the rumoured names like iTablet or iSlate instead. With that, expect Apple to come out with iTampon soon.

iTampon..Oh lala...


Here are some of the iPad features:

  • Operating on iPhone OS 3.2
  • 1GHz Apple A4 CPU
  • 768 x 1024 pixel, 9.7’ LED-backlit IPS LCD screen
  • Storage capacity choices of 16, 32 and 64GB
  • Multi-touch screen display
  • WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, USB 2.0 and soon 3G enabled
  • iTune Store, App Store, MobileMe, iBookstore
  • 9.56’ x 7.47’ x 0.5’ dimension size
  • Built-in lithium polymer battery (that claimed can have up to 10 hours usage time, 140 hours of music playback and 1 month standby)


The media industry has been very mixed in reaction over the release of iPad and generally felt disappointed. iPad is the latest in the Apple Inc products range and is basically a tablet computer but it comes only with basics inside and are nevertheless predictable; multi-touch interaction, audio multimedia, internet browsing and a space for iPhone apps to work around. Nevertheless, the whole point of this article is not to introduce iPad to you merely. Technically speaking, if I says that iPad sucks, no one will ever pay any attention to listen to me. Besides, I am not a professional or full time gadget junkie that will qualify to give my verdict. However, you should listen to them.


Adam Frucci of Gizmodo has lambasted iPad and gave 8 11 reasons why it sucks. He said:

  1. iPad is a big and ugly bezel gadget that is as ugly as its name that I am disgusted by just looking at its design (bezel means??)
  2. iPad has no multitasking (again, like iPhone 3GS) that I cannot listen to Limp Bizkitt while typing this shit out for you
  3. iPad does not even have a camera, not even a front camera for video call and yet Apple called it a 3G!
  4. iPad gives a pain while typing on its touchscreen keyboard that I rather buy a netbook with external keyboard instead
  5. iPad does not support High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), so no HD porn videos downloaded from iTunes for your TV
  6. iPad is the worst name ever given and it is insulting – maxi pad, tampon and others. Read this to make yourself laughable for the next 24 hours.
  7. iPad does not support flash; sounds like they have fallout with Adobe and today you know that your iPad is useless with YouTube and you are not able to view this video
  8. iPad users need to buy adapters to plug your device into it. Apple, I need an adapter for USB!!
  9. Watching movies on iPad is no different than a 4:3 ratio aspect TV and iPad totally forgot about widescreen movies.
  10. iPad does not support other 3G network although Apple said the iPad is unlocked for other networks.
  11. iPad only runs with apps from App Store. I hated Apple once for banning Google Voice app for no reason

I think by giving one creditable source is enough to point out how terrible this iPad thing is. If you are not convinced, check out what other people said:

MADtv talks about iPad in 2006 (Wait, 2006??)

Hitler hates the iPad very much!!

Apple looks like an iPod Touch

And lastly, Obama’s State of the Union iPad Address

Anyway, if you are still keen to buy this, go join the iTampon hype. The iPad will be available for sale at the end of March for its WiFi version worldwide while the 3G version will be available in certain countries beginning the end of April.

500x_ipadpicfancy12710 Still care for an iTampon?

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