Tuesday, May 04, 2010


It's Day Four of my Blogathon Word Count Challenge. I am beginning to appreciate the hardship to blog a post a day. It's been so long I didn't do that but eventually now I am beginning to feel the enjoyment of daily blogging. I know there may be some of the non-Malaysian will eventually take up some time to read my blog and thus, it will be great for me to introduce something from my own country - that's Malaysia.

On Day One I talked about the summer beverage treats from Starbucks Malaysia. Then on the Day Two, I was immersed myself to rant about the film Iron Man 2. On Day Three, I talked about Muse, an international alternative rock group which I have been loved for so long.

Today on Day Four, it's all about Zee Avi. Zee Avi, hailed from Sarawak, Malaysia is one of our many local talents in the relatively small music industry in Malaysia who has go beyond to the international level. As a proud local singer-song writer, guitarist and ukulele player, she has now found her fame internationally following her sign up with the Bushfire Records, a record company owned by Jack Johnson.

One of her many beautiful songs, Bitter Heart. Enjoy this music video and I am sure somewhere somehow you may find this tune very familiar!

Perhaps it's not too much to listen to the second song, Slow Hands she said: