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It could not have gone worst for the Red Bull Racing team for not clinching the title earlier at Korea a fortnight ago. Last race at Yeongnam circuit produced one of the most set-back result ever in this year calendar when both Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel failed to finish, delaying the awaited moment and surrendering the driver's title to Ferrari's Fernando Alonso. Despite the delay, Red Bull Racing has finally clinched the 2010 World Constructors title with one race away following a 1-2 finish at Interlagos.

Last night's race again tells the similar story like what it had been told since earlier this season. The Red Bull Racing has been no doubt the most dominant force in the sport this year, but the blame-game should be pointed to the fact that the consistency and reliability remains one of the issue that requires Adrian Neway, the key technical behind the team to ponder off for the next season.

Clearly, despite having the fastest car and the most aerodynamically available cars, the dominant has yet to transcend into a clearer picture. RBR suffers a lot of unexpected result including a double retirement at the new circuit in Korea. Sebastian Vettel despite has chalked up 9 pole positions this year, but he only managed to translated them into victory twice, in Valencia and Suzuka for that effort. He also won 2 other races this year at Sepang and last night at Interlagos. Team-mate Mark Webber grabbed 5 poles this year with 2 wins from it in Barcelona and Monaco.

The pale statistic seems unmatchable for both drivers to unseat Alonso, who has won 5 races and leading the World Championship on Drivers category heading to next weekend season finale at Abu Dhabi but a margin of 8 points.

Vettel won the Interlagos with style and clear dominant, despite Nico Hulkenberg made a major upset by grabbing the pole, the first for Williams since 2005. Vettel wins ahead of team-mate Webber to accomplish the team's fourth 1-2 finish of the season. Alonso grabbed the other podium slot to ensure that he will continue to lead the World Championship until next weekend. With the result, Red Bull Racing has scored 469 points ahead of McLaren's 421 with a maximum 43 points margin needed to win. Ferrari is third with 389 points.

On the Driver's table, Alonso leads with 246 points, 8 ahead of Mark Webber and 15 ahead of Sebastian Vettel. Lewis Hamilton is fourth with 24 points behind the leader, but mathematically still possesses a chance to clinch the title under odd circumstances. So forth, the title for the 2010 Drivers Championship will be decided in Abu Dhabi.
When Red Bull entered Formula 1, I was a small boy. If I compare the place then to now, there is massive progress. It's not always investing money, it is time, patience and a lot of passion.
Sebastian Vettel as quoted in BBC
The list of people back at base is incredible, we have some soldiers back there like you wouldn't believe. I would like to be in the trenches with those guys, they do an incredible job for us."
Mark Webber as quoted in BBC
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