Sunday, November 07, 2010


The rumors on the continuation in the Google's softly-accepted Nexus One have been fired up wildly over the internet over the past week. Google Nexus Two, as some including those peoples in Gizmodo has claimed, will be the new phone released by Samsung on the eventful day of 8th November (which is tomorrow). However, another source debunked it by claiming that Samsung is launching a new model known as Samsung Continuum i400 tomorrow.

Samsung Continuum as featured on Verizon site. Photo credit: Photoarena

Yes, Samsung Continuum will be unveiled within this week, exclusively available by Verizon in the United States at the price of US$199. So what is a Samsung Continuum anyway? It is believed to be a new smartphone that takes into very much similarity with Samsung Fascinate and other Galaxy S series. The new device runs on a 1 GHz processor Hummingbird that powered by Android 2.1, a five megapixel camera with LED flash, and mobile hotspot capability. It will also include a 3.4-inch, 480x800 AMOLED main screen and a 96x400 secondary display and certainly WiFi capable.

So if Samsung makes me convinced that Continuum will be released tomorrow then what will be the truth in Google Nexus Two then? If Gizmodo was right, things gonna shaken pretty badly because I have not seen any efforts from Google to market that piece of new device as they have did with Google Nexus One. But in my honest thought, it is unlikely that what Gizmodo claimed could be true about the release, instead it could be an event to reveal the latest Android version - Android 2.4, codenamed Gingerbread.

Google Nexus Two reportedly resembles Samsung Galaxy S as claimed by Gizmodo.
On some note, why Google decided to ditch HTC anyway to build their flagship mobile? Since there is no announcement by Google itself, most likely Gizmodo got it wrong in the first place. What ever the future of a possible Google Nexus Two is, I am hoping to get an Android soon. I love Android anyway and it is an ideal replacement for the much hyped Apple.

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