Monday, October 29, 2007


How often you have this condition: When you are trying to enjoy your favourite laksa only to find out that there is a pain coming from area of below the tongue or under the jaw where the salivary duct is to be found.

You are probably having a condition called sialolithiasis, which means (sialo- = salivary gland, -lith- = calculi or stone, -iasis = formation). This condition has no definitive aetiology but possibly due to bacterial infection of the salivary glands or dehydration, with the most often it occur in submandibular (which means below the mandible, literally) salivary duct. Treatments option may include sucking sour food to stimulate salivation (but may cause pain) to remove the stone or else by cryosurgery.

p/s: With that I rest my case. It is rather a short one. If you have questions, just message, comment or testimonial me.

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