Sunday, December 23, 2007

1421 Hypothesis

Some believes Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellen or the rest from the history had their name as a famous sailor that had gone round the world and create history.

But do you know what is 1421 Hypothesis?

Somewhere between 1421-23, during the Ming Dynasty, Chinese captains of Zhou Wen, Zhou Man, Yang Qing and Hong Bao commanded a fleet of Emperor Zhu Di's Admiral Zheng He, and they travelled to many parts of world unknown to Europeans at that time. The hypothesis was put forward by Gavin Menzies, an ex British Royal Navy in his 2002's book. He claimed that they have discovered Australia, New Zealand, Americas, Antartica, Greenland and the Northeast Passage. However, the discoveries was lost due to Chinese bureaucracy of fearing the costs of further voyages would ruin the economy. When Zhu Di died in 1424, the new emperor forbade any new expeditions and destroyed the previous records.

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