Friday, February 29, 2008

A Laptop Can Bring Your Career Into Doom

Last week, while I was taking my time queuing up to buy tickets for the show "Vantage Point". Seriously, that movie was awesome, using a different approach in story-telling. Well, that's not my point!!

There were a few people queuing up behind me and it's almost my turn. From their look, they are all Chinese. Well, it is always good thing that GSC box office counters have a giant screen showing movie trailers and ads. Suddenly, I guess the atmosphere just changed abruptly. Everyone bursted into laughter, but there were some sympathy that's not even looks like a sympathy and we just can't stop discussing about it.

The movie trailer at that time was a Chinese movie called "Sniper", where apparently all the snipers had been trained to mark a target from a distance about 500 metres away. Guess who star on it? Yeah, the guy who screwed up his career recently, Edison Chen.

You will never imagined his career now is like an egg waiting for me to smash. Ever since the photo scandal broke up into scene more than a month ago, that dude had been hiding somewhere, to cover up his shameful innocent-young-acts-on-my-gorgeous-camera. His scandal is not just an ordinary one. No one can eventually denied that the person in that picture is not him, and the "sexy-time" partners are not the one we absolutely believed are not. How many photos? I lost count...400++.

In a press conference last week, he voluntarily stepped down from the Hong Kong entertainment. Career is doom and over.

The other "sexy time" partners....Gillian Chung - been complained for appeared in a TV show, Twins concert been delayed to September, poor Charleine Choi for keep protecting her... Bobo Chan - been silent these days... Cecilia Cheung - his marriage and family life with Nicholas Tse is at rock perhaps.

Well, who can guess a laptop been sent for repair may end up dooming your career just in an instance.

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