Friday, April 04, 2008

Dental Radiograph Part Two: Full Mouth Series

In this part of the three series, I will continue with dental radiography. On my first chapter, we have look on various type of dental radiography taken from the inner aspect of the mouth. This time it is the same, only it involve a full mouth series - or in other words, taking a bunch of X-rays from one side to another side and then to another side of the mouth, until the whole sections on the mouth have been taken.

The pictures on part one that you can see (below) is an example of a full mouth series. Many variations of combinations of types of radiographs you can take.

The standard procedure involves 18 different X-rays taken and they consist of:
1) 4 bitewings: 2 molars and 2 premolars (left and right)
2) 8 posterior (back) periapicals: 2 molars upper and lower (left and right), 2 premolars upper and lower (left and right)
3) 6 anterior (front) periapicals: 2 central incisors (front teeth- upper and lower) and 2 other front teeth upper and lower ( left and right)

However considering the number of X-ray exposure you will get with the above method, logically another option with taking as minimize as possible by avoiding taking too many X-ray. For example, there may be no need to take the 4 bitewings, provided that the 8 back periapicals are in good value to evaluate. Fair!!

This picture on the left is a bitewing radiograph

This picture in the meanwhile is a periapical radiograph

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