Friday, April 25, 2008

Man U versus Chelsea

Huh!! Looks like another EPL match that everybody is willing to put their bet, their energy and their time over it again. Just a month ago, Super Saturday brought you two titan clash matches, Man U vs Liverpool and Chelsea vs Arsenal.

Wenger...stop been stubborn!!!
Roman and Avram, a bad formula!! Where are thou, Mounrinho?

You are now walking alone at 4th place!!!

Glory glory Man United!! Double silverware on target!!!
Just as everyone know, Man U and Chelsea emerged as the winner while of course Arsenal and Liverpool are the losers. Then, Man U and Chelsea have become virtually the only two that are still racing for the penultimate finish. This statement is then reinforced when Man U beat Arsenal a fortnight ago 2-1 with slightly sluggish performance from both teams. Bye Bye Arsenal and Liverpool. By the way, I know that Acura is a big fan of Arsenal. Hey, Patrick, since when you are a Man United fan back? Sorry to hear that they rather surrender their 5 points lead in one time to a keep on draw-and-draw-and-sometimes lose performance.

Now what?

This midweek, Man U and Chelsea are struggling to go to the Final of the Champions League. Man U drew at nothing with Barca at Nou Camp - (it is spelt like that??) while everybody seems not so in love anymore Chelsea level at one a piece with Liverpool, thanks to last minute goal. For Man U, thanks to our beloved boy for throwing away a nice penalty after only 89 seconds. My boy, Christiano Ronaldo, if you can do it like the time we beat Arsenal, it would be a grateful one, since it is a priceless and invaluable away goal, my boy!!

Anyway, Chelsea and Man United will fight tomorrow at Stamford Bridge (Jambatan Stamford), West London (it is West, oh i don't know). May my men from MU will win.

Glory Glory Man United!!

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acura said...

GLORY GLORY MAN UTD!! I am actually a Man Utd supporter. And we are gonna beat Chelski to the EPL title & Champions League!

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