Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sometimes English Is Important Even in the Toilet

On my previous blog articles, I did mentioned about English - how can we learn them properly especially for those who thinks English is from the planet Kryptonite. Besides making effort to speak, to listen and to read, there is another way to learn actually, learnt from mistakes!!

I received a chain mail from my friend, Thank You for your contribution. That is funny. Lately i read a lot about the mistakes that we always see especially the Chinese people when using English!! I'm sorry, this article does not have any intentions to make fun or to mock the Chinese people of their English usage, but to aware them of their severely broken down English, since Olympic Games is just around the corner!!
Use proper English!!
Support proper English!!

I wonder since when this symbol becomes gentlemen - Dan Brown didn't say so....

Looks like nobody will get what this basin is trying to say....
Hahaha, oh please i don't need your help!!!

Controversial place to be!!

Nice try...male not mole!!

I wonder how much it will hurt the disabled!!

Ok, Ok, I will!!

Nice try again!!

Once upon a time in China???

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