Monday, June 02, 2008

Handphone: The Cheapest and The Lowest

Handphone or mobile phone has become a necesary these days. I wonder who can survive without having a mobile phone! Another issue is when you don't have any credits with you. I am wondering as well, how to survive?

Handphone!! Handphone!!

You are welcome to have a look at my lousy cheap ass handphone. But the good thing is that it has been serving me for the last 2.5 years - another record breaking of the longest handphone i have in possession without losing it. Congratulations to myself. Here you are, K310i from Sony ericsson of course. I should have put my pictures of my handphone instead, but I don't have a new digital camera since my previous one was spoilt. Need to wait again, *sigh*!!

My K310i?

Anyway, other people may have different handphone from each other. N95 just getting more and more peoples are using it. What the hell? I know I'm not rich people. So I have to contented with my current one. Oh, my dear K310i. You cost only RM399 when I bought you. Yet you still serve me well while other people constantly jumping phones - keep changing phones for no reason.


Haha, recently Dior - yeah, Christian Dior from the fame luxurious fashion line has now making hand phones as well. Surprise!! Okay, maybe not. But consider this. Dior's latest handphone (okay, look at the picture and tell me what so special about it anyway) costs about US$ 5,000. Yeah about RM 15,000. I can buy 2 VAIO with it. Or 10 Cyber shot T2. Wow!! Impressive, I wonder who are willing to buy it, since they targetted around 10,000 units to be sold this year worldwide. *Cough cough* Yeah, Dior are just following the footstep of Prada to make phones with LG. Oh My Gosh!! You heard me.

Hop Hop, where is your screen?

Okay, now who wants a $10 cellphone? Serious. A $10 handphone that can only be used to make calls. Impressive, people can still find the basic reason why a phone was made these days. Forget about 3Gs, forget about GPS, or even a screen. Hop 1800, that si the name of the phone only comes with...well, a 12-key numeric keypad, Talk and End keys, a speaker grille, a microphone, and a SIM card slot (you'll need a working SIM card—AT&T, T-Mobile, or pre-paid will do—to make calls).

Impressive. So do you still love your current phone? If you think your phone is too cheap ass, buy Dior. And if you think your costly phone is dumb, buy Hop then.

Anyway, I love my K310i. Who cares if it is lousy!!


acura said...

Why go for so expensive stuff? After a few years you will need to replace it with a new 1 anyway.

Hey, i tagged you. Refer here :

BernardC said...

lol!! True also!! My handphone still can use, only keypad sot sot oledi.

Tagged? What about it? C everyone used it!!!

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