Saturday, May 31, 2008

One Borneo is coming soon... I don't even know what to expect

First of all sorry about the title....kind of misleading anyway. You don't pronounce it as One Borneo. The yahoo search will give you other list of search result.

Now, carefully, type.....
1 B-O-R-N-E-O

Okay, fine.... there are no such things as that on the yahoo search!! Cut the crap!!

For those who don't know what I'm trying to say, apparently the largest shopping mall in the Borneo island, currently so called, will open soon. Yeah!!! It's a good news. The bad news is that the hypermall resembling MidValley style had been delayed for so long. Thought it will opened sooner but it end up been later...err, around the next week in June. Anticipated? Kind off, I passed by the area few nights ago, looks impressive considering that it is new, near to the peoples studying at UMS and having a low budget hotel, Tune Hotel next to it.

Oh wait, i found the website.
How lucky guess is this! How many shopping mall has their own website anyway? and you will linked in.
Great stuffs!! But there wasn't any much information on the floor details, so roughly the general idea of its condition i don't really know yet.

Personally, I think that KK is damn full and flooded with new malls here and there. In KK city itself we have Kompleks Karamunsing (where i work), Centre Point, Wisma Merdeka, Warisan Square, Likas Square, KK Times Square, City Mall and now 1 Borneo. Huh!! A new shopping haven? Maybe and maybe not!!

I'm looking forward to go there, i mean 1 Borneo when i free from my hectic work at my cousin's shop!! *Sigh* Seriously, I never went inside the mall yet. Maybe someday I should!!

Words have that and definitely it is going to have a new GSC Cinema there. Gosh!! I was hoping that GSC can improve the old cinema downtown. Seriously , that cinema is rather a reminiscence of the olden fashion type of cinema. I remembered that I used to go there long long time ago and get annoyed by people eating kuaci there. Wow!! Kuaci era. GSC 1 Borneo will be the largest one and it will have 8 halls, just like in KL Berjaya Times Square. There will also be Sen-Q, K-Box and so much more. It just sounds nice.

Well, good luck for myself!! Good luck for my wdventure in 1 Borneo soon!!


acura said...

Another place for you to hang out then? *grin*

Yup, read about the news in The Star. The federal gov had been neglecting Sabah for so long. It's time to give them some attention. Or else just jump over to Pakatan Rakyat hehe

BernardC said...

Well, let's see what they can do now of course!!

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