Thursday, June 19, 2008

So how much your blog can worth? Who Cares??

There are few links on the MegaWeb that provide this service: Estimating how much your blog worth for free. It was just now that there wasn't any customers in the shop I worked, YET!!! So I tried to make myself busy just for some fun by clicking to this website on the net. Let mee see, it was on What I did was I typed in all my blogging friends' blogs to be estimated how much their blogs might cost. It is a good thing since if there are some takeover or you decided to sell your blog, you can use this figures for the purposes. Haha!!

So I started with mine.

I typed my blog onto the calculator...
US$ 54, potentially US$65,890
Wtf with that potential figures?? You mean it worths only RM 160!!


US$ 32, potentially US$ 65,887
wow, again wtf!!
So that makes my both combined to only US$ 86, great stupidity!!
Seriously, me myself don't worth that less, okay!!

Next...all the blogger pals' turn....
US$ 32, potentially US$ 65,332
I'm expecting more for yours!!
US$ 153, potentially US$ 65,919
Wow, still okay la deaaaarrrrr.
US$ 76, potentially US$ 65,896
US$ 1,253, potentially US$ 66,010
Wow, that's alot!!
US$ 10, potentially US$ 65,887
Keep on moving, gal!!
US$ 1,550 , potentially US$ 2,442
That's a lot!!
US$ 65, potentially US$ 65,890
US$ 21, potentially US$ 65,887
US$ 32, potentially US$ 65,888
US$ 23, potentially US$ N/A
US$ 21, potentially US$ N/A
US$ 16, potentially US$ N/A
You got the potential!!
US$ 10, potentially US$ 65,888
US$ 10, potentially US$ 65,885
US$ 10, potentially US$ 65,888
US$ 1,297, potentially US$ 66,355
YM!! Rich already "spent spent" us la!!
See peoples, promotions to your blogs oh but it doesn't come in free. You people must pay ads fee here, haha, LOL!!
Then, I also run some other kinda famous blogs on it as well
Who doesn't know him; KENNY SIA (
He worth US$ 16,018

US$ 626

US$ 40,424
Wow!! His worths more than Kenny Sia. Pat Teo's blog gained more readers and clicks compared to Kenny i guess.
It also works for official website, so I tried with...
US$ 3,394

US$ 241
And, even these websites has titanic value:

  • Yahoo has US$ 788,559,826 (excluding other subwebs)

  • Google has US$ 397,365,099 (if includes youtube, blogspot, etc. US$1,062,026,305)

  • MSN has US$162,491,450

  • And lastly, I run their own website ( and I found it values US$ 9,143 only, haha!!
So, now that my blog costs so little. How much is your blog costs? Well, my next question is "Who cares?" Value or not value, you determine it yourself!! We bloggers write it for the passion of writing, okay!!
Okay, an advise of self-comfort!!


.:JoY:. said...

Wahhhhhh promote my blog isit. Lol. And I saw what's at ur sidebar. I feel so honoured! Lollll

BernardC said...

To Joy:
Lol. Yeah lo. Free advertistment some more. Next time need to pay for ad fee oh.

acura said...

Sorry, no money to pay for the advertisement. Maybe if I am worth the same as Patrick Teoh then I can consider haha

-SuSaNe- said...

haha..informative indeed..well,thanks to Benard!i never know that how much my blog will cost until i read this post of urs n thanks for ur free ad btw..but i'll never pay the fee ad coz u the 1 willing to do,hrga minyak naik ba!..

BernardC said...

To Acura:
I never expect Pat Teoh's one can cost more than Kenny Sia. Surprise. If you see their data, Kenny Sia's one is declining while Pat's one is increasing in worthness.
Nvm la, I shud have ask money first from u guys b4 i put ads there, LOL!!

To Susane: Free ads somemore in times when everything is so expensive. So "noble" of me, haha!! LOL!!

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